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greengrl, thanks for the offer of advice, i may very well take you up on it as there is only so much i want to turn to my classmates for...the internet has been a godsend. i found jan's antiques, the brown elephant, threads, and the ark thrift shop. my new favorite places.

as far as internet connection goes, i am currently freeloading off a public school wireless conx that is unsecured. the downside is that they restrict access to a lot of (fun) sites, but it works fine for email. and lsd of course. i might consider asking one of my neighbors if i can surf their wireless connection, maybe even give them 15 bucks a month or something to offset their cost.

and aerynn - if you are in a decent sized city, you can find wireless almost anywhere. even in a not decent sized city - i was in jackson wyoming, population 8800, sitting in the middle of town in my car surfing the internet for free.

thanks greengrl - after i posted i went and busied myself building my very cool bookcase. then i went online and took care of comed. (i keep calling them coned, i don't know why.) i also call freeways freeways - and one woman i asked for directions (to the nearest freeway) said, "dear, are you from california?" ummm. yes. then she said with a gentle smile, "we call them expressways here...". are you kidding me? i haven't been able to break 80 miles an hour at any time of day or night in this town. expressway my white a$$. ;)

in other good news, it seems that my neighbor didn't have her "cmere b*tch" yellin' boyfriend over last night, so that was good. for both of us.

do you know what the dv/police policies are in chicago? the cops came by when i called yesterday (pretty quickly too), but i don't think she let them in so they left, and the sh*t started up again right after, and kept going for another hour and a half. what are the limits on what they can do? i checked the city and police websites and didn't see anything. i may need to call the dv hotline to find out.

i have a million chicago questions, but i have the important things mostly figured out. i think the panic hit because i had two different friends here to help me move in over the first week, and yesterday was my second day on my own, so it hit me how alone i really am out here. for the moment, anyway.

you think YOU are worried if the kids at school are going to like you? i am 37 and have the same worry, especially since most of the other kids at school really will be around 27 (if i am lucky) and i only LOOK like i am 27. :D

on a completely different note - this is a general question for anyone, do we really need internet at home? i plan on splitting my studying between the library and my home office - and it would actually be nice to save the money. especially since i will have access at school all day long...

i think i will ask this at orientation...

ok, going to put my office in order. and now that it is after 8, i can hammer away to finish my bookcase too.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: What else should I buy for One L
« on: August 07, 2006, 04:59:00 PM »
check01 - thank you. i was so stressed about what to buy, and i REALLY needed a laugh. that list rocked.

just panicked.

was fine all through the 2600 mile trip, solo, to get to chitown. (in fact, it was great. just me and the mountains and lakes and national parks across the west.)

was fine all through the four day blitz to go from zero to furnished without buying a single ikea or retail item. (ok, bought a new spanking mattress (ahem). and filing cabinets. and my office chair. but that's it.)

was fine this morning, when i woke to hear my neighbor's boyfriend hitting her before the sun rose. was even fine throughout the 911 call i made to the chi police.

now my apt is a disaster area, i can't figure out who to call to keep my electricity from getting turned off, i have no food, or beer in my fridge, i can't figure out where to start so i can make order out of complete chaos, i have no one i can call to come over and help me (not like i have ever done that, but now that i actually want to, and would, i can't), and the internet connection i am cruising is a public school one which keeps sending off this loud ALARM whenever i try to view yahoo pics of furniture i see on craigslist.

not to mention that i have nothing to wear for school, let alone for the winter, i am sure that i should be studying something right now, and my back hurts.


anyone else?

oooh oooh. i got one on my roadtrip across country.

when i said i was going to start law school, a hostel manager, on the late shift no less, very snarkily said to me...

"GREAT. that's just what we need. MORE women lawyers."

 :o >:( :o >:(

Law School Admissions / Re: HIGH LSAT/LOW GPA SPLITTERS UNITE!!!!
« on: July 23, 2006, 08:43:59 PM »
Count me in here.  Especially since I'm not sure my lone A+ is going to be enough to boost my LSAC GPA up to a full 3.5.  (I graduated with a 3.49something.)

You are NOT a splitter.  Being 1/100 of a grade point from graduating with honors is not a low GPA. Good lord. It almost seems like you posted this to make fun of splitters.  Get out of this thread and never come back!

check said it more strongly than i would have...but seriously. those of us with sub 3 gpa's are not going to sympathize with an ALMOST 3.5 gpa, now are we?

There are a few of the things that have been said to me:

"Do you have any idea how OLD you will be when you graduate?!" 

or my version, which is...

"law so when you graduate you'll"


mobo, I think someone that is busy busy busy on the surface and on the inside is a whirling dervish. ;)

I'm seriously thinking that we should start our own handpicked virtual 1L class.

i'm in. i mean, who else is going to get why i am annoyed at "flirts with the guys for notes because she spent all class time in IM with her boyfriend" girl, or have had it with "insist on using big words just to sound smart but really have no original thoughts of my own" guy.

personally, i am going for the "she is so cute (ooooh, and SMART) that i want to set her up with my independently wealthy, slightly older best friend" title.

barring that, whirling dervish'll do too. wouldn't be the first time i was called that. :D

I feel like the old saying about the duck . . .calm on the surface but paddling like mad below view.

what is the reverse then? 'cause i think that is what i look like right now, all motion and chaos on the surface and...well, not calm on the inside.

Oh, you are all ladies after my own heart!  While so many of our colleagues are spending this time studying up and trying to cram in a law preview, I've been dreaming up the perfect organizational system.  My new bible of late is David Allen's "Getting Things Done."  I've been absolutely compulsive about setting up files and the whole rigamarole.

Can we say Giant Flaming Nerd?  

girl, i am so bummed you aren't going to my school.

EDIT: because your posts always make me laugh...

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