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Current Law Students / 1 tier and more debt or 2 tier and little debt?
« on: October 08, 2004, 10:44:26 AM »
I have a 163 LSAT and a 3.25 GPA. I graduated from a big prestigious public school in three years. Lotsa work experience, good LORs, worked 25 hours/week during undergrad while taking 22 hours a semester....


what kind of scholarships could I get from a school like Northern Illinois?

I want to work either for the government or a firm in a smaller city like Peoria (which has a big alumni connection to Northern)

would it be worthwhile to go to a cheaper school like this, or pay $$$ to go to a better school? I will be married right before I start school, so my fiance would have to find a new job, etc, which makes me want to stay in the area even more...

advice? what kinda scholarships would I get? would i make more if i go to a better school, to make up for the more money I would be borrowing?

Financial Aid / Private loans? (non-regulated....) who from?
« on: May 02, 2005, 08:22:43 AM »
I will need a private loan for a little bit more than the university if giving me (moving expenses, laptop, etc...). Anyone know who does this? who'd you go thru?

The loan money from my school is coming right after classes start, but I'm wondering how early I can get my private loan money- it seems that I would need it earlier becuae of moving expenses, etc....anyone know?

Also, who are your private loans from?

Incoming 1Ls / How much $$ for books each semester?
« on: January 10, 2005, 08:56:21 AM »
I got a full tuition scholarship, but will still have to pay for books. How much do you typically spend?

Choosing the Right Law School / Anyone go to NIU?
« on: January 04, 2005, 08:46:44 AM »
Can you tell me about the faculty, the students, etc? I'm from central illinois and have visted Dekalb, so I know the basics. Just looking for some insight on daily life there.

I've been offered money at Indiana and Valpo so far, but because I'm getting married, and want to return to the area, and have obligations here, I'm attending Northern Illinois University. My LSAT was 163 and UGPA from UIUC was 3.3. I graduated a year early. Anyone have comparable scores and can tell me what I may be able to expect from them? I know this is pretty high for them, but I know they obviously don't hand out the same kinda money that Valpo does.

I posted yesterday about my debate between a 3rd tier and 1st tier school. Now I'm wondering, is it easier to do well at a 3rd tier school? how much easier? I would assume that it would be, though I don't know by how much....

SIU has a school, but that's about 5 hours away from us. NIU is slightly better than SIU. Also, the commute isn't quite from Peoria to Dekalb. It's the Peoria area, but it's a rural area, so 'Peoria' is easier to describe :) It'll still be about a 45 minute communte for each of us, but he already drives 30 minutes to work as it is.

I thought I was all set to go to NIU, but then I got my acceptance letter to Indiana. I'm completely stuck...anyone want to give me advice? Here are the details-

-If i go to NIU, my fiance and I (getting married in July) will buy a house and both commute. He LOVES his job and is lucky to be in the position he's in. If I go to indiana, he would have to get a new job, and when we move back to Peoria, like we assume we will, he will not be able to get his job back. There's not much else here in his field, so he may very well end up w/ a job he doesn't love as much as his current job. Also, he makes a little bit more than he would at another comparable job, because the company put him thru school, etc, so he started at a higher pay rate than he normally would have. he also coaches football for little kids, and i would like for him to not give that up, except if a move would pay off.

-NIU's tuition is 8k. My LSAT was 163 and GPA was 3.25. That's pretty high for them, so I'm hoping I will get scholarships there. IU is 25k a year, but they gave me 25k over 3 years. NIU would put me in much less debt, and I could afford to stay another year and get a joint degree.

-We want to come back to the Peoria area when i'm done, and the large majority of lawyers in Peoria went to Northern. Very few from schools like Indiana. But, because it's more prestigious, I can't imagine that it would hurt me.

-finally, i've heard that you should go to school in the state you want to practice in. Illinois would be it. But Indiana is more prestigious.

Advice? please? very stressed about this....

I'm getting married in July. Starting law school in August. Now, the questions...
1) when I apply for financial aid this spring, do I just apply as single? I know it will be 'married' next year, but can I get away w/ single this year, for FAFSA, etc?

2) What can you use the money for? I know they say 'living expenses', but as my fiance will be working full time, can I still use part of the money to help w/ house payment, etc?

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