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I know, I know....

I keep thinking someone will wave their magic wand and tell me i'm in. This is going to ruin my birthday (next week) and any hope I had for studying seriously for finals (the week after)

I applied to u of illinois ED. i'm supposed to find out SOMETHING by dec 15. this stress is really getting to me, and because my birthday is next week, and then finals the week after that, I am really anxious to hear something. so i e-mailed them today and they replied that my application was being reviewd by the committee and i'll know something by dec. 15. that seemed like a pretty generic answer...then i called northern illinois yesterday and they told me i'd been accepted. then i got another call from someone else from northern, telling me i'd been accepted (again). because of this, i wonder....

should I not be expecting anything from u of i for another week or so, or was that just a generic answer? i know my file is complete, etc, so did they just tell me the easiest thing to get me off their backs, or can i be assured that my application really IS currently being reviewed?

I'm stressing entirely too much....

hopefully....the dean of Northern Illinois called me today, and I asked her about scholarships, and she said they automatically consider you for some, and then you can apply for me, it made it sound like the don't throw money at you like school such as that me just reading too much into it?

Current Law Students / how much $$ did you get/can I expect from 3rd tier?
« on: December 03, 2004, 08:40:10 AM »
3.1 UGPA, 163 LSAT. Looking at Northern Illinois University, in-state. any thoughts on what kind of $$ I  might be looking at, if any? what did you get?

You confuse me. Are you worried about not being able to use your Compaq? You do know that a Compaq is an IBM right? A MAC is an "Apple." Which, btw, is one of the best laptops out there.

If you just want another laptop, and because of the rules you can't get an Apple, than I suggest you look at either "IBM Thinkpad," or "Toshiba." They are two of the best (based on raitings from "Comsumer Reports", and MHO). You should look into these things yourself though. You don't want to spend $1000+ using only the advice from a forum.

I have a Compaq now, which is junk...getting a new laptop before fall semester begins.

My question is if the rumors I have heard about not being able to use Macs on exams are true. I would really love to buy a Mac, but not if I can't use it on exams.

I currently have a Compaq...which I will happily throw out the window once I get a new laptop :)

tell me about your first week of law school, etc. Thanks!

Current Law Students / ok to go to 3rd tier if I don't want big law? help!
« on: November 29, 2004, 05:01:41 PM »
I'm thinking about some schools in the midwest, where I'm from and where I  plan to settle down. LSAT is 163, UGPA is 3.25, graduated a year early, worked 30 hours a week, etc. I don't want a job at a big firm- I'd love to work as an ADA or something for a few years, then move into a small firm for health care law (my major is health care admin). So, I'm weighing some private or out-of-state schools that would put me in quite a bit of debt, U of Illinois (my alma mater, which I am HOPING i will get into, but not entirely optimistic) or Northern Illinois University, which isn't a great school, but has a huge alumni connection where I'm from and plan to work- I'd say about 65% of the lawyers in my area are NIU graduates, and are very rarely from out of state, etc. Plus, I would think I would get scholarships there. So, would it help to go out of state to a bit of a better school, or just go to a reigional, cheap school?

Current Law Students / ?s about studying and financial aid
« on: November 18, 2004, 06:43:29 PM »
Two questions for you guys....
1) I have submitted my applications, and am waiting for acceptance or rejection letters. Will acceptance letters come with financial aid or scholarship offers up-front?  These will definitely be helping me make my decision!

2) Can you give me an idea of your study habits/schedule? for those of you with a live-in boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse- is it hard to juggle it all? what's your typical schedule in a week?

My GPA is near the middle for NIU and bottom 25% for u of i. my LSAT is a little above average for U of I and off the charts for NIU...not sure where you got your stats.

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