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I am at a complete loss.  Since taking the LSAT Oct 2nd I have been in such a haze that I cannot even begin my personal statement.  I've had writer's block for the past month and a half (pretty extreme, I know) but I am at the point where I know I have to write this thing.  Unfortunately, I'm feeling pretty down about it all, and I cannot find anything that seems to stick out in my mind to write about.  I've checked several websites with ideas but none of them seem to click.  I really feel like I have led a pretty boring life, even though I'm sure that's not true.  My statement is going to have to be a strong one with my 3.4 GPA and God-knows-what LSAT score.  Anyone have any ideas (other than the conventional "make a list of your qualtities")?  I would really appreciate it!


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