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I'm sorry, let me try stating my point again, this time more clearly:

One of the responses was something like, "Members fo this plan would have to pay for an outside lawyer", or words to that effect. An "outside lawyer" who was part of the plan is by definition NOT an outside lawyer IMO; he's part of the plan. That makes him a "cooperating lawyer". An outside lawyer, conversely, is one who has nothing to do with the plan and the workers would have to pay for it. However, I think this was just a poorly written question overall... which is why you can get a 180 even if you get a few wrong. :).

2.  Which of the following statements was most supported by the passage?
    (I put "There are other benefits to the plan besides just using lawyers who are on the plan" -- because members could use an outside lawyer and pay the diff .between the plan’s subsidy and the lawyer’s fee)

Except those lawyers had to sign up. Doesn't that make them, by definition, part of the plan? I went with the "Outside Fee" one, on the implication that most 'outside lawyers' would charge more, otherwise they'd be part of the plan to begin with.... but you may be right.

Thank you sir, for telling me what I definitely want to hear. ;). I hope so! Is that the consensus around these parts? :D

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Modernistic passage question
« on: October 06, 2004, 11:48:41 PM »
The whole premise of the author was that the modernists were failures because they refused to deal with facts. They "conveniently" overlooked aspects of designs which weren't modernist. As such, "conveniently" is the answer.


I searched for an answer, but couldn't find it.

Like many of you, I took the LSAT recently. I was quite relieved to find out that parking lot X was valid on Monday and Tuesday (which I inferred, but couldn't prove), and that the author was most likely 'unimpressed' with Modernists.

However, I wasn't able to find the answer to my third question: On the passage that dealt with the Nerve stuff (I'm a political science major. Physical science gives me hives. Sorry I'm not more specific), there was a, "This author most likely considers the discovery important because....."

The two answers I narrowed it down to were something along the lines of,

"Because it was the first Nerve Growth Factor discovered"
"Because it paved the way to more detailed understanding of the nervous system".

I went with the latter. Anybody want to go off their recollection? Better yet, does somebody have a detailed recollection of what that one was like


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