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It varies by firm.  If you have anyone specifically, I can go in and check it out.  Some of the firms specifically request law review.  It's pretty common to see top 25% on the listing for the really big firms (Ropes / Bingham / etc).  Some say top 1/3.  Overall, however, I'd say the majority don't show a GPA cutoff.

In regard to the grading curve:  I think its pretty standard across schools how the percentiles break down.  The 10% A, 15% A- is correct, altough the profs have a little wiggle room.  This years GPA / Percentile breakdown was:

top 10% 3.63
top 25% 3.42
top 1/3: ~3.33
top 1/2: 3.27

Also, last year about 50% of people who tried to write onto law review made it.  This year, 50/151 made it. 

Hah, I was driving on that damn tunnel.  The big dig is a shitshow, no worries though, its no where near school.

They are taking their sweet time renewing my scholarships, too.  They may be slow, but they're pretty helpful if you give them a little leeway.

That Thesis Against BC Law Students is by a bunch of retard freshmen.  They post it around the cafe because they get pissy we share a cafeteria.

If you want to see a good one, check out "I Want To Get It On With A BC Law Student" which is a group of freshmen girls who hook up with 1L's, "BC Law Students Who Are Really Ridiculously Good Looking" or "Mike Baron Ruins My f-ing Life", I'm members of all of those :)

If you guys want to do an LSD night out intro to Boston, I can round of some of my 2L friends and we can go out.

maybe late to the party, but my gf is writing actual briefs at the doj this summer and she's a 1L.  Of course, by writing briefs, I mean writing down words, submitting them to her superiors, then being told that they suck.

but whatever :)

I dunno, its not hopeless.  I have a paying legal job doing what I want to do and this is my 1L summer.  I don not go to YHS.  The trick is mailing resumes early and often.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: 12 inch laptops ok?
« on: July 05, 2006, 02:34:54 PM »
what the *&^%, they're website does say 4.37 lbs.  I swear to god, not more than 4 days ago it said 3.3 lbs.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: 12 inch laptops ok?
« on: July 05, 2006, 01:39:32 PM »
I had a Dell 700m and loved it.  12.1" screen, 4 lbs.  Then it got stolen, so now I'm the market again.  The front runner is a Dell XPS M1210, 12.1" screen, 3 lbs.

I could edit 2 documents side by side on a 12.1" screen at 1280x resolution, setting the documents to 80% scale in word.  Worked fine for me.

plus your associates won't bail you out of jail :)

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