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Law School Admissions / Re: What about this situation?
« on: December 01, 2004, 06:50:35 AM »
From what I've read, many law schools shy away from alumni candidates.  They like to show diversity in their student body and picking up too many undergrad from their affiliated university doesn't show well in their statistics. 

Of course, that didn't stop me from applying to my undergrad for it's law school.

Good Luck!
- Comm-Law

Law School Admissions / Predictions anyone?
« on: November 30, 2004, 08:55:57 PM »
I'm about to send out apps and I thought I'd see what people think of my chances.

LSAT 160 / GPA 2.78 / Degree 2.95
Graduated in 1993... yes 93 not 03!

Over 11 years working in Information Technology.
Over 8 years experience as a managing partner of a regional internet service provider.
I'm seeking to pursue a law degree to practice Communication Law (as extension of my current career).

Here's my list:

Case Western
Catholic University
George Mason
IIT Kent
Indiana University - Bloomington
Michigan State University
Northern Illinois University
Southern Methodist
Univ. of Illinois
Univ. of Texas
Univ. of Toledo
Wake Forest

I realize that my GPA is LOW... VERY LOW for law school.  If in 1989, someone had told me that I would someday be applying to law school, I would have laughed.  It wasn't in the plan.  I was a computer-guru before most people knew what to do with a computer... law was very far from my mind.  Things change, people's interests change, will the ad-coms see it?
- Comm-Law

If anyone is wants to feel better about their own personal statement, this is your chance to shoot holes in mine.

Law School Admissions / LSDAS Report to Schools
« on: October 24, 2004, 09:51:52 AM »
Could anyone provide information regarding how long it normally takes for LSDAS to provide your report to schools?

I'm looking at an early decision program with a November 15 cut-off.  I'm sure that I can complete the application and submit the application at least a week prior to the 15th.  I need to know what sort of lead-time I need to provide LSDAS.  I think LSDAS has everything needed to provide a report: my transcripts are in, GPA has been calc'd, my LOR's are in, and now my LSAT has been posted. 

Any thoughts?  How long has LSDAS taken to provide information to schools based on your past experience(s)?

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Petition? Affect/Effect Question (10-2 LSAT)
« on: October 23, 2004, 09:26:57 AM »
I got lucky on this one.  The question was a gimme for me... I specifically remember it because I've actually visited the BAY OF FUNDY in Nova Scotia.

I could immediately relate to the question because the Bay has huge tidal shifts due to it's LONG conical shape.  As the Bay narrows, the amount of water being forced into the narrowing passage causes the 40ft+ tidal shift.

I really didn't pay attention to the usage or misusage of the affect/effect wording.  I just looked for the answer that I knew to be true.

I suspect that many LSAT takers run across questions where personal knowledge of a subject helps narrow the choices in a question.

I guess this one helps make up for that D*MN nerve-growth RC passage!!

I think that everyone went psycho over section B, question 1. The question read as follows:

 The tidal range at a particular location is the difference in height between high tide and low tide. Tidal studies have shown that one of the greatest tidal ranges in the worl is found in the Bay of Fundy and reaches more than seventeen meters. Since the only forces involved in inducing the tides are the sun's and moon's gravity, the magnitudes of tidal ranges also must be explained entirely by gravitational forces.

The answer choice that was the topic of this whole affect/effect reads as follows:

Which one of the following most accurately describes a flaw in the reasoning above?
 B) It fails to consider that the size of a tidal range could be affected by the conditions in which gravitational forces act.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Anyone bomb this thing?
« on: October 23, 2004, 09:08:37 AM »
Apparantly Hope and I should start our own string. I got a 152 and it was an improvement. Got to just be comfortable with how you prepared and whether or not you can realistically do better.
Myself, 14 hour days and 3 kids let me do about one section a week (if I am lucky) to practice.
Not really expecting to place dinner menu items in a chart in law school. The real thing is intuitive to me, the goddamned test isn't.
Hang in there H, there is room for all of us. ;)

I can relate.  I scored a 160.  My practice tests ranged from 155 to 168.  A 160 is pretty average, maybe even a little low for me.  With 2 kids and a business to run, I didn't have time to attend a review course. I usually squeezed in one practice section per week.

Hopefully 10+ years WE will sway some of my reach-schools.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Oct 04 writing sample
« on: October 03, 2004, 03:24:11 AM »
I took the "Living with Diabetes" on the basis that that segment addressed a group of "peers" by interviewing a number of students.  The "What's Up Doc" segment was less likely to appeal to a large cross-section of kids because it focused on one individual who happened to be a "Rap-artist" if I remember correctly.  What if you don't like Rap?  Wouldn't that cause one to have a bias against watching the story?  As always, there are ways to argue for or against either choice in a writing sample.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: October 2004 LSAT: the aftermath
« on: October 02, 2004, 01:04:13 PM »
ooooooh man...
But one was late in the day, and I swear I could not figure out this stupid question. I don't know why. It was the one about the first bicycle, and how it was a fad for a while, and then dropped out of favor for like 60 years because "values changed" or something. I couldn't find an answer I was happy with. Does anyone remember that one?

I think I put the choice about how it could have failed for other reasons... maybe?
I also chose that option.  If I remeber correctly it was choice E.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: October 2004 LSAT: the aftermath
« on: October 02, 2004, 12:45:48 PM »
The Chinese Pacific Coast was on the real RC section.

Yea, I was not a fan of that Canadian *&^%.  What else was there for reading comp?  Was the Chinese on the Pacific Coast on the real RC?  Oh yea and then the NGF *&^% or whatever that someone mentioned earlier.

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