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Here's my situation...

In at DePaul (commutable..long communte... from my current location) $8K/year scholarship
In at Michigan St. (requires a move to East Lansing area) 25% off tuition + free laptop
In at Toledo (requires a move to Toledo area) Full-tuition scholarship this morning!

Depaul has accepted me into their IP writing and research program... usually guarantees 1L summer paid intership.  They have strong alumni relations in Chicago.  They are ranked T3 but their IP program is ranked 9th nationally.

Michigan St. has a fairly extensive Telecommunications Law program (which is my primary area of interest).  One of the Telecom Law profs worked at the FCC.  The school is located just a few miles away from Lansing (capital of Michigan) and thus would open up opportunities for working with the state's PUC (public utilities commission) or perhaps other telecom related state agencies.  MSU is only ranked T4.
Toledo has a really low-cost-of-living.  The school has some classes in communications law and offers a certificate program in IP.  I don't think there is much of a telecom job market in or around Toledo, so it will be somewhat like studying on an island.  However, UTLAW is ranked T2.

I'm still DEFERRED, ON HOLD, and waiting to hear back from IIT Kent, Case Western, and Catholic University repectively.

Kent is commutable for me... same as DePaul but they have a better overall ranking (T2) but a lower IP ranking.  Kent's building is VERY NICE.

Case would require a move to the Cleveland area.  Their building is VERY NICE and is ranked T2.  Case has several IP classes but sadly, they lack any courses in telecommunications law.

Catholic is in DC.  It would require a move to the DC area (one of the most expensive places in the US to live).  Catholic's building is also VERY NICE and is ranked T2.  Catholic has a specific program in telecommunications law and has stong ties throughout the federal telecom industry.  Catholic requires 2 semesters of unpaid externship and allows one additional semester of paid externship.  Catholic is located very close to a subway stop and so it's easy to work downtown DC while attending Catholic.

So.... here's my take on things:
Best chance of being employed someplace non-telecom: DePaul
Best chance of being employed in Federal Telecom: Catholic
Best chance of being employed in State Telecom: Michigan State
Best chance of being debt free at graduation: Toledo
Best environment for me to learn: Michigan State or Toledo (I think that the long commutes at other schools would be disruptive to my learning and particating)
Most expensive option: Catholic
Best change of being divorced before graduation: Catholic (spouse doesn't like DC)

Any thoughts?  Sorry to dump this much info on list, but seat deposits are due in a week and Toledo threw me a curve-ball with the full tuition offer.  I'm confused and feel a bit rushed to judgement on this decision.

- Comm-Law

I could be wrong, and I'm sure that it varies from school to school, but here is my guess:

HOLD = We are out-of-seats (or overcommitted) but will go back to the "hold-list" once seats open up (after seat deposits). 
DEFERED = we aren't out of seats yet, but we see you as marginal so we'll push you back for later review.
WAIT-LIST = We are putting you on the don't-call-us/we'll-call-you list.  Meaning... after the school has reviewed all of the apps, given-out all of the seats, exhausted the deferals and holds... then and only then will they offer you a seat.  This is really their go-to list for last-minute seat openings (up-to-the-first-day-of-class).

- Comm-Law

Nope... not at all.

I received a call from the director of admissions at NIU today.  She wanted to personally let me know that I was in.

I also received a letter from Case today stating that my file was ON HOLD.  Not waitlisted, not denied... just not decided yet.

- Comm-Law

As part of the accepted student day, the College of Law had a bus tour of the local apartments.  Unfortunately, I'm at a conference in Washington DC right now and don't have any of the literature that I picked-up from the apartment tour. 

Going by memory, I believe that 1 bedrooms were roughly $400 to $900 depending on the type of housing.  $400 is an older unit with no utilities included.  $900 is a fully furnished unit at "The Glen" or some similar "planned-activity" type of housing.  These upper end places have clubhouses with indoor pools, gyms, weight-rooms, virtual-driving-range, indoor private movie theater and damn near everything you can think of to keep you from wanting to study!!

Looking at the housing prices, it looked pretty good.  It's been over 10 years since I was an undergrad and I was paying $350/month for the dinkiest apartment on campus.  So $400/month for an apartment today sounds pretty reasonable.

- Comm-Law

Thoughts from the accepted student day at MSU:

- The overall "welcome-day" program was disorganized.  The school lacked a room large enough to hold the key-note speech so they simulcast the dean into two rooms (this was awkward).  Opening comments ran long, tours were cut short in order to allow time to eat, and there was no time to meet with student-organizations.   
- The classrooms were adequate and the law library better than average as law-schools-go
- MSU Collage of Law dropped the DCL name... they are trying to seperate the program from its 4th tier roots. 
- MSU is promoting dual-degree programs in order to leverage the MSU affiliation
- MSU is also promoting application of the law through several clinics
- MSU's campus is really nice
- East Lansing and surrounding suburbs seem to be clean, uncongested, and safe (Much nicer than say... Cleveland/Case Western)
- I was surprised to see that MSU admits about 300 students per year.  That seems much higher than a lot of schools.  That yields sections with 90 or so students for your 1L year.

That's all that hits me at the moment.  I'm sure there was more to be derived from my visit but it has been a long day... maybe I'll post more later.

- Comm-Law

I'm in at Michigan State... I'm attending the accepted student day tomorrow (err... I guess it's actually later today now).  I'll let you know what I learn tomorrow.

- Comm-Law

Sorry to hear about the ding... Unfortunately, I suspect that mine is on the way.  It seems that all of the schools that have held-out on their decisions for me have been rejects.

Oh well.. look on the bright side... you have about 10 accepts so far!!  That's amazing!

- Comm-Law

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Two Ding-Friday
« on: March 18, 2005, 01:13:08 PM »
It's been a joy hitting the mailbox lately... Dinged at UIUC and George Mason today... Dinged at UTexas last Friday.  I think I'll pass on picking up the mail on Friday's from now on ;-)

Oh well... I'm heading out to attend Michigan State's accepted-student weekend today.  Hopefully it will make up for the recent losses.
- Comm-Law

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: 1st Ding-UT Austin
« on: March 14, 2005, 08:36:35 PM »
Ding-Ding... U-Texas sent me their letter of disapproval on 3/11/05.  It was my long-shot, but it still sucks to be denied.

- Comm-Law

I've tried to make it around to visit all of the schools to which I've applied.  Based on my experience, I'd shoot for business casual.

This was my approach, flawed as it was:

Suit and Tie to the Law Forum in Chicago - (WAY OVERDRESSED)
Suit and Tie to I.U. for scheduled visit with admissions and professor of communications law - (A little too formal, but OK because of my meeting with the dean of admissions)
Suit and Tie to Kent for their open house - (WAY OVERDRESSED)
Kahki's and a nice sweater with a collared shirt at Case-Western, Valpo, NIU, Toledo, UIUC and Depaul (I definately felt that this attire was more appropriate than wearing a suit.)

That just leaves me with Catholic, George Mason, Michigan State and UT to visit.  Michigan State is next week and Catholic is the week after.

- Comm-Law

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