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Scary seeing this thread of IT castaways.  Of course, I have to thow-in that I'm of that sect as well.  10+ years IT.  I worked the gambit... Help Desk to Network Admin to Programmer to Small-business-owner managing an IT company with five employees.  After all of that, I'm burned-out on the whole IT game.  I must ECHO the sentiments regarding layoffs, mergers, outsourcing, retraining.

I imagine that many talented IT professionals will leave the field in the next five to ten years and fewer and fewer will choose to enter that field.  IT isn't the same game that it was 10 to 20 years ago.  You don't get to train for programming COBOL and do COBOL all your career.  Likewise you don't get to learn how to install Token-Ring networks and work for IBM for 30 years and retire with a big pension.  IT is a never-ending cycle of retaining because technology changes so rapidly.  Plus IT is RARELY a "profit-center" in a business.  IT is usually a "cost-center" which means that when the bean-counters look to cut or optimize, IT gets looked at!

At least in law, we'll be part of the "profit-center" most of the time  :)

- Comm-Law

I believe that his theory on class attendance was two-fold:
1) Attending class would take time away from those activities on-which you should really focus (learning black-letter-law and working HYPOs)
2) Attending class will tend to confuse the average 1L because many professors tend to waste class-time playing "hide-the-ball" and talking about policy rather than "black-letter-law".  This wouldn't be a waste IF they actually tested on policy-theory, but most law exams test black-letter-law.

I'm not sure that he's correct in his assumption that you can skip class and somehow be better in-tune with what the professor will expect on a final exam, but I think that Aticus does provide several good suggestions for prep materials in PLS2.

- Comm-Law


If you have the background in health/life insurance then I can see where you are coming from.  I've never been to Capital or UI-Indy, so I can't say much about either of those schools.  I really have this gut feeling that Capital is still a "convenient" choice rather than a logical choice for you.  Indy or Toledo or any of the other dozen schools you got into might have what you're looking for in terms of health law.

One note... If you are considering Toledo, talk to the lady in charge of the placement office (I'd give you her name, but I've already packed away those papers in preparation for my move).  She was really helpful, she gave me salary reports by industry for various fields of law and types-of-firms, she also provided contact info for several firms with Toledo alumni in Intellectual Property law (the area in which I'm likely to begin).

- Comm-Law

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Case....
« on: May 25, 2005, 05:14:27 PM »
Finally heard back from Case today... I moved up or down or whatever from the HOLD list to the WAITLIST.  WTF!!

- Comm-Law

Incoming 1Ls / Toledo's picnic... anyone going?
« on: May 24, 2005, 11:11:55 AM »
It looks like the University of Toledo is throwing a little admitted student picnic this Friday for the future class of 2008.
Anyone from LSD going to be attending?

- Comm-Law

Maybe I'm missing something... you have a background in Business and Systems Analysis (I'm guessing that you have a business degree with a focus on systems?)

You don't want to go into intellectual property... that's fine... it requires a lot of hard-science background in order to qualify for the patent-bar and it's pretty dry stuff if you don't enjoy it.  Business law would make a lot of sense if you were truely involved with "business operations and decisions" in your former career. 

How do you make the leap into health law?  Do you have a background in health sciences?  Were you doing business systems for a health-care provider?  Or are you just trying to do a 360 in your career and jump into something entirely new?

I don't want to dampen your aspirations.  Being a non-trad law student myself, I'm hoping to focus my law studies and future law career on something in which I already have experience.  I figure that 10+ years experience ought to open more doors than a 3 year degree from any of the schools that you or I are looking at.  My advise would be to stick to an area of law that builds on your experience or be prepared to take a pay CUT for your first few years out of law school.  As a seasoned business-person, you should be making a salary at or above that of most recent law school grads from Indy/Capital/Toledo.

I know.... that didn't address the underlying question... where should you go?
I guess that I'd go to Toledo or Indy.  Capital does seem to be the "safety-school" rather than the school you WANT to go to, so I'd eliminate that one right away.  Besides, if you stay at "home" to go to school, you will have a LOT of distrations. 

In deciding between Toledo and Indy, I'd weigh in a few factors.... will Toledo cost more than Indy... I know you have a scholarship at Indy, but does it fully offset the out-of-state tuition?  What sort of hoops do you have to jump through in order to keep your scholarship at Indy?  Do you think you can achieve those marks?  How much will it cost you EXTRA if you lose that scholarship?  Is the cost-of-living in Indy comparable to that of Toledo, if not figure in the extra cost.  Finally, do the placement numbers (average salary and employment percentage) at Indy offset any extra cost you might face by going there?  Answer those questions and I think you will be closer to a final decision.  It will be a money-gamble no matter where you choose to go but if you are a dynamic individual (which you seem to be), you will succeed regardless of the choice.

- Comm-Law


Are you hoping to get into IP Law or some other specialty area or are you more interested in general practice/litigation?

- Comm-Law

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Toledo - Cost Of Living
« on: May 22, 2005, 10:18:40 PM »
I personally don't know much about the rentals in Toledo.  I'm looking to buy a house there instead.

Are you going to attend the Admitted Students outing on Friday (May 27th)?  I think that the school will be providing more info on rental options that day (if they do it like Michigan State, they may even bus you around to a few complexes).

- Comm-Law

Comm - Have you decided on a school?

Unless something amazing happens at DePaul (ie: more scholarship money), it looks like Toledo for me.  I've been out to Toledo about 5 times this spring, checking out the school, househunting, etc.  We just put in an offer on a new house just outside of Toledo, so within the next week or two I expect to be locked into Toledo for certain.

Did you ever decide where you were going Paperback?  I vaguely remember you saying that you are from Ohio.

- Comm-Law

Out of the schools that I visited, I'd recommend that you contact Valpo's dean of admissions.  He claims NOT to be concerned with rankings.  He values graduate work.  He wants to draw an OLDER/WISER group of law students.  At least those were claims that he put forth when I met with him.

I really feel for you.  I also want to get involved with Telecommunications law.... I even landed a spot at Catholic but due to finances I had to pass on it.  I hope you can find a school in which you can "prove yourself".   

Best of Luck.

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