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Hippie, your numbers are almost identical to mine. I would like my money back as well if they did indeed fill up before their app deadline as it appears they did.

I called whatever the number is that's listed on the appstatus page for moritz. It was the admissions office, and they DID tell me that they were full, and that everyone under review was waitlisted or denied. I'm just relaying what they said, and it doesn't surprise me because my brother applied to their undergrad with more than adequate numbers, and was told they were already full and he could attend starting in the spring. It seems like they tried to fill their class as fast as possible and didn't have many spots left for anyone applying in february.


I was offered scholarship money at Cleveland-Marshall, and got into Case. Case is way too expensive, and I have a feeling that if I go to Cleveland-Marshall I will be surrounded by people that I wouldn't consider very bright, and wouldn't learn as much as if I attended OSU's program. Plus, I'm interested in ADR, and OSU is supposed to have one of the best programs in the country for that. I'm convinced I would get in if I applied early next year, and I'm 99% sure I could increase my LSAT as well. The only problem is what to do in the interim.

My best guess at what I would do is caddy for as long as I can, then head out west and work at a ski resort. I feel like if I do decide to wait a year, I'm not going to get a crappy job for a year when I could be having fun instead. It's just that waiting a year costs money in opportunity costs from delaying the start of my legal career. I wish I didn't have to make this decision, but I suppose it's not the end of the world :)

I called the admissions office, and she said that everyone was either going to be rejected or waitlisted, as they were full. Seeing as no one was taken off the waitlist last year, it's basically all rejections.

My work experience would be something fun, like heading out to Colorado to work at a ski resort or something. I can't see myself starting a "real" job and then leaving after a year. What kind of work do you think you'd get right out of college? Probably nothing interesting.

I see what you're saying, it's just that the opportunities from graduating from a crappy school aren't good. I've been told that counting on a transfer isn't a very smart idea because if you don't do well enough, you're stuck. Plus your class rank is gone. Still, I will have to think on it more.

So I guess I'm unoffically rejected after hearing that they're full and everyone will be either waitlisted or rejected. Kind of sucks that they would be full before their app deadline. I know it's better to apply early, but geez, at least save some space for people applying the last month of your admissions period :( My numbers were right in line with the majority of people who were admitted that decided to attend.

It sucks because I really only want to attend one school: OSU. Going out of state is a waste of money, and in-state there is only 1 tier-1 school. I might still go to the one I got scholarship money to though.

I got into 2 of the 3 law schools I applied to, and I'm still waiting on OSU, which was my #1 choice. Unfortunately, after calling the admissions office, I found out that they've sent out all of their acceptances and everyone still under review is waitlisted or rejected. I don't really want to go to the other 2 I applied to, which leaves me thinking that maybe I should wait and apply early next year. I'm almost certain that I will be waitlisted because I applied pretty late, as my numbers are good enough to get in, and right in line with what most accepted who decided to attend had.

I'm thinking maybe it would be better to work for a year, take the lsat again in june, and apply early next year. Anyone else thinking of delaying a year to try and get into a better school? Is it stupid to wait a year to try and get into a higher ranked school?(Aka tier 3 to tier 1?)

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: scholarships
« on: April 15, 2005, 07:07:54 AM »
Do a search for negotiation, negotiating, or scholarships. There's a big thread discussing the best way to try and get more.

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