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Well written post Trel. And I agree with you.

I would put the number of people who can sleep 4-5 hours a night and stay sane at around 1-2%. If you read any study about lawyers and job satisfaction, such as the one linked to earlier, you will see that the majority of people in that type of situation will hate their lives. If you're obsessed with money, by all means go ahead and try it, but if you'd like to have time for something other than eating, sh1tting, and sleeping, then biglaw isn't for you.

I don't want to sh1t on anyone's parade, but where in this timeframe do you have time to be a well-adjusted person with friends and a family?

M-F: 8am-8pm. Home by 8:30, eat till 9pm. Take a shower. Assuming you'd like 8 hours of sleep, you have a whole one hour of free time per day assuming you wake up at 7am.

Saturday: 8am-6pm. Hopefully you won't be too drained from a 10 hour day to go out at night.

So you've basically got one day a week to sleep in, and 1 day off. And that's a 70 hour week. I've never heard of a 40 hour week, but I've heard of a 90 hour week, so I'd say 70 is about average at those places. Good luck with that :)

Hehe. No, I wasn't exaggerating. I'm sure I will enjoy being a lawyer, but work is not what the purpose of life is in my opinion. It should be something that you enjoy and which can support your needs/wants. If your goals do not include being a good parent, having a good relationship with your significant other and/or friends, and enjoying hobbies/other interests, then I guess working 70 hours a week is fine with you. Because when you work that much you can't possibly be good at anything other than work, you can't possibly have a decent relationship with anyone outside of work, and you probably don't have time for friends outside of work either. That can lead to a very sad, lonely life with little meaning in my opinion and unless someone can refute that I still stand by the belief that anyone that aspires to work there doesn't understand the reality of it, or they really don't mind not having a life.

It seems to me that the Biglaw jobs are filled by people who haven't had a "real" job yet, are swayed by the fancy lunches and courtside tickets, and don't yet realize how little time for a social life working 70 hour weeks + saturdays leaves you. That's 8am - 8pm M-F. Plus 8am - 6pm Saturday. When do you think you will be able to enjoy that $125k salary they offer? 1 day a week? I would rather work as a garbage man or a janitor than work 70 hours a week and have no life.

I don't need to be super rich. I'd just like to find a happy medium between the guy working 70 hours a week making $120,000, and the guy working 40 hours a week making $40,000. Give me 45-50 hours and $60,000 and I'm happy. I think smart saving and investing is the way to be rich without working a shitload.

Denials / Re: OSU Moritz- No more acceptances :(
« on: May 06, 2005, 11:56:56 PM »
More than I should have. I was shocked to be honest considering my numbers were borderline to even be accepted. I'm too afraid to give specifics in case of any stalking administrators etc...

If I can't find a law office that pays over $50,000 starting and doesn't have me work more than 45-50 hours a week, I'll count on you guys to join my new firm :)

10+ hour days is ridiculous unless you don't mind having no time for yourself and your family.

Denials / Re: OSU Moritz- No more acceptances :(
« on: May 06, 2005, 06:12:57 PM »
WOOHOO! I got accepted! I proved my own thread wrong. How ironic. By some miracle they offered money as well. I can't believe it.

My appstatus went from referred to "decision", and I was expecting the rejection. Lo and behold, a miracle happens. Good luck to the rest of you and if any of you get in and decide to go there, I'll see you there :)

And to whatever officer told me no more acceptances, poo on you.

Denials / Re: OSU Moritz- No more acceptances :(
« on: April 28, 2005, 11:17:10 AM »
At this point I would say to just wait another week before contacting them. They should be able to determine how many slots they have open by the end of this week, and offers should be sent out next week for any lucky enough to get in this late. If I don't hear anything by this time next week I'm going to call.

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