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How much did this book help you in the Games section? Did any of you complete the PowerScore Logic Games Bible and still do poorly on games?
Did any of you start out doing poorly(2-3 games completed) and then afterwards always have enough time for all of them?

I'm using this info to help in my decision to cancel my score or not. I've taken over 10 LSAT-preptests(most in the last week), and I never seem to score above 18 on games, with some scores as low as 14. The other sections I do much better in.  If this can help me get in the 18-20+ point range it would boost my score into the 168-172 range.

Well "no" is probably an exaggeration, but I definitely don't feel as stressed as I did just one day ago. This is probably because I've just today become confident in my abilities on the Games section. Every other section is no problem for me save a few questions here and there, but games troubled me. Now it seems I've reached a "critical mass" of Games sections completed, and I no longer have as much trouble. I can set up just about any game quickly and efficiently, with most of the deductions necessary.

At least for me, this newfound confidence has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders and I'm looking forward to destroying this female dog tomorrow. Good luck to the rest of you.

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