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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Cornell vs. UMich
« on: April 12, 2005, 02:30:04 PM »
Oh, would I love to be in your shoes.

They're both national schools, at least from what I understand of the T14. So you shouldn't have a problem getting a job wherever you want in the US coming out of either of them (assuming you don't fail). But I guess if you want to work in NYC, if one gave you an edge, it might be the school actually in the state of NY.

If I had the choice, I'd probably pick Cornell. Ithaca is supposed to be pretty lame, but how much fun can you really expect to have during law school? And it's not like Ann Arbor is a thrill...

Maybe I'm biased though. I've lived in Michigan for 22 years and will do just about anything it takes to get out. And if I had the chance to go to an "ivy league" school, it'd be hard for me to pass it up. Every other person I meet here in Michigan has some affiliation with U of M.

Do you know what kind of law you want to practice? Maybe looking at some professors, courses or specific programs would help.

It would be really bizarre if the university extended an offer for only half of a dual degree program, don't you think?  My gut feeling is that SIS waits until the law school has a decision before making one since it would be pretty silly to admit someone to a program they can't attend (i.e. being admitted to the MA half but not the JD one).  Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but I just can't accept that a major U.S. university could be that ass-backwards.

I would think this would be very bizarre as well. Nonetheless, I checked my mail box last night to find an envelope from WCL...with a waitlist letter inside. With all of these waitlists, I guess I was way off in my impression of law school admissions. I thought that having a 3.47/161 would gurantee me admission in at least one tier 1 program (FT), but apparently not. I guess it's PT at GW for me. I think I can handle one semester of PT before switching over.

Well, best of luck to those of you still waiting to hear from American!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Wierd email from American
« on: April 09, 2005, 10:05:03 AM »
Numbers: 160/3.57.

I went back to LSACD and reviewed my application and sure enough, I had checked the box for the joint JD/MA in International Affairs.  The MA part happens to be run by SIS (School of International Service, the guys who emailed me), and according to the WCL website each school sends its own acceptance letter in the mail.  This leads me to believe that I was accepted by SIS for the MA portion (and therefore WCL for the JD part as well).  Of course, it could also just be a goofup.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was since my luck during this process has been absolutely horrible.

All I need is for one LSDer who applied for the joint degree to tell me they got this email.  I need to know what's going on so I don't spend the entire weekend with my guts tied in knots.  ;)

I also applied for the joint JD/MA. I didn't get the email you're talking about, but two days ago SIS sent me an admissions letter in the mail. It basically said that so far I had been accepted to the MA half only. I still haven't heard anything from the law school. But I highly doubt that it's a goofup. Your MA acceptance package is probably coming in the mail soon. What I don't know is if the MA acceptance is any sign of acceptance to the JD program.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: GWU Housing
« on: April 05, 2005, 10:30:35 AM »
Does anyone know how long of a metro ride it is to Ballston from the GW stop? I'll be attending GW next year and I have a potential roommate in Ballston. I've always imagined living in the actual city, but considering where GW is, I think there would be some advantages to living across the river in Arlington (especially cost). But is Ballston too far out for a daily commute?

thanks for the info nate.  so my question is...can anyone transfer like this?  Must you have a certain GPA, etc?

I believe anyone can transfer from PT to FT after the first semester. From what I understand of law school, many first semester grades aren't reported until a couple weeks in to the second semester (though perhaps GW is not like this?). That would make grade requirements for transferring virtually impossible. GW's admission brochure also mentions transferring, but only says something like, "students planning to transfer to FT after the first semester must consult with their advisor to make sure that all credit requirements will be met by graduation". It says nothing about GPA or other requirements. There is also a session at PT orientation about doing this, and I've heard elsewhere on here that the PT class has a lot of people that choose to do this. My point being, I think it's pretty widespread and easy to do at GW.

Hey, thanks for your advice.  I looked at your LSN profile and noticed you're koreas, like me!  We're both technically minded as well, so I guess that makes us alike more ways than one.  Are you looking into IP law?  I don't have a MS, so I'm not sure if I'm something firms are looking for, but I do know I'm qualified to take the patent bar.

Yeah, my #'s are primarily why I'm looking into the PT thing.  You know much about  the PT->FT transfer process?  Is it difficult, frowned upon, or relatively easy?

Yup, I'm a Korean Engineer.
As far as I can tell, it's pretty easy to transfer up to FT within the same school. Now, if you want to transfer to a different school, that's pretty difficult especially as a PT.
And you are fine with just a undergrad in Comp Sci.  Only in Biotech, grad degrees needed.
If you graduate from GW or GULC with a tech background, you should be fine.
I think your #s are very very competitive at GW PT.

Wow, thanks for the info.  I'm only interested in tranferring from PT-FT within the same school - so I guess that's good news for me.  I wonder if anyone out there reading this has actually done it though.  It'd be nice to hear from the trenches.

I've been reading up on this transfer process, and it looks like generally you have to take extra classes during the summer.  I wonder if this puts you at a disadvantage later because you can't work during your 1L summer? 

I've been a silent observer here for a few months, but I thought maybe I could help you with some advice I received.

I'll be entering GW PT this fall, and I plan on transferring to FT after the first semester. From what I understand, GW is one of the few places that lets you do this. I actually sent an email to GW's "ask a student" for advice from someone who had done it, and the girl who responded talked very highly about her choice to do so (though maybe I shouldn't have expected anything else). She said PT was a good way to enter law school, and then after transferring to FT she had only one semester of PT, so she was only two classes behind after 1L. She also said that she studied abroad during 1L summer to catch up on credits, and then took the actual 1L classes she missed during 2L.

This is my plan, primarily because GW part time is the best law school I could get in to with a 3.5/161. All the other Tier 1's I applied to waitlisted me, so it's GW PT or Loyola Chicago with only $8500/year. I'm a little afraid that having been PT for one semester will hurt my resume, but I think overall graduating from GW will be worth any problems it causes, especially because I want to work in DC. HTH.

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