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i started off missing 17-18 in games alone.  i now routinely finish timed sections on time, and my last few tests ive missed 2,3,1,0 respectively.

you CAN learn games.

Casagrossa..thanks for the input as well...going to pose the same question to you...approximately how long did it take you to increase your score so substantially?[/size]


I used to suck at logic games, getting extremely frustrated with them.  Now, I expect to get no more than 5 wrong on AR (which places me about average with respect to this board).

Hi tjordan90 thanks for the input, i actually have and have had the LG Bible.  Just started really studing games this week and it has been going alot better, my disdain has turned into more of a slight annoyance with the section and have been scoring much better.  Appoximately how long did you study to improve your scoring on the section so substantially?

I've been studying for the LSAT for approximately 2 months now and have been doing extremely well on the LR/RC sections, getting on average about 2x wrong per section.  I just started studying for the AR (logic games) section about a week ago.  I must say these questions are extremely annoying. 

I'm averaging about 10x on the Analytical Reasoning part which will still get me a decent grade; however, the fact that I can't stand doing these questions is really eating away at me.   I find myself getting so annoyed i usually just guess on the remaining questions stating in my head the phrase "who the F*** cares" numberous times.

I'm sure I can improve my score on this section but my utter disdain for doing these problems is really getting to me.  I have a strong background in logic which is quite helpful but the fact that I have such a disdain for these questions and their relevance to law really effects my studying them.

Has anyone with this mental attitude towards the games section in the first few weeks of studying them actually had a change in perspective to the point of actually tolerating them?

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