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or..........wl m pst b gnred?

was that okay that i added my two cents?

Wanna hear some irony?  ;)

Most people are full of *&^%.  :o

Don't act surprised.

Everyone preaches about how great they are and how much they deserve a good man/woman.

The reality of the situation is you are what you attract.

There are some black men who talk the talk and don't walk the walk. There would be some dogs right under our noses and we wouldn't even know it.

There are some black women with skeletons in their closet (reformed hoes is what I like to call them). Some of them do not deserve a good man and should never reproduce.

Think back in your dating history. Are you thinking? Excellent. Men,  how many women have you screwed over or used solely for your own sexual gratification? How many hearts have you broken b/c your male private part got the best of you?  How can you say you are a good man who respects women, when you've used them as @#!* tools?

Women, how many good guys have you used knowing that he had feelings for you? You never had any intentions of dating him, but keep the naive idiot around for your own personal entertainment? How many good guys have you passed up for that trifflin n-word down the street with a body like a God, but treats you like dog *&^%? Why is it that you complain about not having a good man, when you mess with nothing but hot garbage?

The point is that we are all hypocrites and will never be satisfied. Even with my "list" there will always been something about my mate that I will want to change. Human beings are always striving for perfection; which is an impossible task
Preach on, sister.  You are SO right. 

Been there done that.  Had the body of a god guy -- dude turned out to be a drug dealer.  Took him over the opportunity to be with a wonderful, sensitive and respectful man.

Women need to rethink what they are subjecting themselves to before they start to question everybody else.  You make your own dating choices, so be ready to take responsibility for them.

this is the old: "men are dogs and women don't know what they want."

generally speaking it's truth but not fact.

there are always exceptions to the "pseudo-rule"

All you gotta worry about is the cops but the only reason they would probably pull you over is to give a helping hand.

cali, man

i'm laughing at that reminds me of the Chappelle act where he's talkin about his fear of the 5oh and he's drivin with his friend and the dude goes up to the cop completly stoned to ask directions...and the kop is just "irritated"..."move along there guuy."

that *&^% was bust a gut man.

the 5oh is the low blow..."always there to give a helping hand"...funny very funny.


My question to the L1s, how do you discuss cases that deal with child abuse, rape, or even murder without bringing in your belief system? I know as a lawyer you have to leave all your emotions outside of the case but isn't that difficult to do since we are all human?

Ms. muse,

a. some lawyers beliefs are dictated by money
b. some lawyers beliefs are dictated by exposure
c. some lawyers struggle with their beliefs, ethics and emotions and become self destructive
d. some lawyers stick to their guns and follow their beliefs...and become self  
e  some lawyers stick to their guns and follow their beliefs...and thrive

i think the answer is individual
and how you sleep at night.

subjective answer.???

Why are people afraid to discuss controversal topics? Did I hit a soft spot? But lord have mercy if I bring up what type of female private part is the best, everyone is all over that. LOL....interesting.

ms. muse,

to which controversial issue are you referring?  i don't always check this board so i have to read through the fabric of the threads...i must admit there are a few issues controversial or so which one...please forgive me, just point it out.

px.o. rst.

@#!* the bears!  trojans are going to stomp a mudhole and put UCB back in its place.  ill be at the game and ESPN gameday is coming for the first time in history.  ill be on tv holding a kerry/edwards sign up in that piece

no male private part or bush in 2004

i'll be watching for that sign...sounds like a plan.

i just think it's gonna be a good game but i don't know if the trojan's have it???
but i wish usc good luck??i was making some money going with usc for a few weeks but this week i just cant do it.


does anybody know who this "boullebasse" iz?  this person is frustrated with themself.

(guyutegirl) (jew-lo)

it is obvious that the poor soul has low self esteem.

anybody know???

px o. rst.

who cares.

google usc and california golden bears universitie.
an there you will find the answer you seek. simple.

...Soooooo, um, how about that weather?  Hasn't it been nice today?

hey ms. ruskiegirl,

the weather in nyc is cool, brisk, and golden.

you are a usc gal, right? do you think the troyans will do against the golden bears???

any pics for the game...

i think the bears look mighty tough.  and troy may fall in a few days??

px.o. rsta

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