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syrians, syriens,

fertile land.lst.

chorains, and ch..crv.

chinese, ch...blk.


buddah watches...

allah watches...



always lands in the indus valley.

strange that so strange that turkey is not completed....taj ma hal...

the stupid persians and the stupid arabians and of course the mongols.....and the english must understand that america is a place where the english are equally foolish....

however...they do not understand vedic is new to you...go figure it out...until then...the vedic priest has taught you a lesson...

did you know that...?

well...b.b. spoke.

many women or easily...females have spoken...especially by those of females do not think that the person in light is of light...but of great darkness..

and females wish that she is to speak for " more" she is xraramsus
but she does not speak for everyone...

thank god.

the "governator" watches

california is safe....

go ahead....let us see how many support barbara boxer...

arnold, will be keeping not be afraid...

according to barbara boxer..."not one child will be held accountable."

"barbara boxer will hold every child accountable."

during the hostage situation...barbara boxer "would allow children die rather than adult men."

she does not understand theology nor a mere human's basic needs....only the good mixed in with lies and that she has intimate knowlege...she is good at mixing lies with the truth...and will use the word much as she can...

just listen...any "human being" knows.   

barbara is finished.
and aye want this to be very clear....peace out rasta. for barbara boxer.

all ya gottah do is rhyme one line to a line about something going on for you at the time...

make it fine

don't be blind...just keep it kind.

try not to stay behind.

stay alive.

stay under five! 

or if six makes it stick...hijack a ship and make it six...just thrive.

Site Suggestions and Announcements / Re: andrew
« on: December 07, 2004, 12:00:55 AM »

aye have been watching for a while and aye wonder...regard...people upon this board....pookie is not a good watchdog...primarily... because "it" is not a way to regulate the rest of us...

and frankly, pookie, is a democratic "confused" liberal.

so, regulate the board the way that other boards do as same or a "ha ha" lawyer will regulate it.


will this mean that there will be stronger scrutiny and numbers kept of abortions in california?
will this mean that the state of california will curb media scrutiny regarding abortions?

scott peterson...found guilty of murder...of his son.

abortion or murder...

IT WAS ALREADY decided in a california court....

oh, what will california do????

is this an emotionally charged title?

what would michael moore say?

px. o. rsta.

will alzeimers kill him?  or is it just wasting him away?

aye think,  good...and...YES...

[4.93] And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his punishment is hell; he shall abide in it, and Allah will send His wrath on him and curse him and prepare for him a painful chastisement.

this goes for a believer killing oneself.

so be it...along with any suicide bomber.

he'll be dead by today or wednesday.

then...we'll talk.

OH! what WILL it mean...what WILL it do?

maybe peace...on the horizon.

Allah Ma'ik Ya

discuss this if ya can.

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