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Well your just describing work. Whether your a doctor,lawyer, salesman the government taxes you and the more you make the more your taxed. Also, the more a company pays you the more they expect from you.

Sounds like you don't like the rat race, but the same thing applies to other professions.

Unless and again I ask this repeatedly, because I seriously want to know if there is an easy to get, high paying, challenging when I want it to be, but never interferes with my personal life then please let me know.

If that exists and I have been missing out on it then your right law does suck.

Well just because it is Friday afternoon I am going to throw it out there 25 of the 43 presidents have been lawyers. Therefore, 25 of the 43 Presidents have been horrible people that attended law school.

-Just historical fact as well although Obama is listed as the 44th President he is actually only the 43rd, because Grover Cleveland also a lawyer was the 22nd and 24th President.

Therefore, there is no more likely profession to become President than a lawyer that attended law school.

Let's continue ranting frivolously on the internet with anonymous people!

Just to add to the flame post for shi*s and gi**les undeniably these two people are awful!

1. Abraham Lincoln


2. JFK

F'ing lawyers freeing slaves and fighting for civil rights. Despicable!

They weren't lawyers. They were presidents of the united states when they did good things. Completely different jobs. They probably went into the law, saw it was horrible, and went on to a better job.

Perhaps they did, but they still went to law school and your whole premise is that anyone that goes to law school is awful. So one way or the other they went to law school, but lets get in a frivolous internet debate its Friday afternoon : )

Just to add to the flame post for shi*s and gi**les undeniably these two people are awful!

1. Abraham Lincoln


2. JFK

F'ing lawyers freeing slaves and fighting for civil rights. Despicable!

Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« on: January 21, 2016, 05:15:14 PM »
The only problem I see with Bernie is that when he asks the Department of Agriculture to grow trees to give everyone free sh*t and it doesn't work what then?

Bernie says all the right things, but I don't see how he will do any of it. If he proves me wrong that will be awesome, but to me his ideas are about as practical as Trumps, but at least Bernie has a good heart unlike Trump.


Your vague statement about stress, which someone gave a one sentence response to is indicative that law school is a terrible idea.

As Loki said there are about 4-5 people that regularly post on this board, but even we respond sparingly. However, as indicated your post conclusively establishes that nobody should go to law school. Well argued maybe you should go to law school  :)

Job Search / Re: 2L Summer & Post-Grad Employment Search & Alternatives
« on: January 21, 2016, 02:37:43 PM »
Yes the lawyer league is a great thing to do and it was at Hastings for one semester, but you need to tell the school to get a better gym. We boycotted the roof in their blocked more shots than anyone : / . Other than the crappy B-Ball gym though Hastings is a fine school as is GGU, USF, etc.

What you will realize once you get out of the law school bubble is that none of it really matters. You are either going to succeed or not. A T14 degree might open some doors, but a Stanford/Harvard/Yale Gard has no idea what the difference between USF/GGU or Hastings is.

Instead Hastings Grads often hire Hastings Grads, USF hires USF and GGU hires GGU. More importantly if your able to bring in clients nobody cares what school you went to.

In summary, it sounds like you are understandable stressing out you are halfway into your law school career and your entire life is not figured out. However, that is typical and honestly I miss that feeling I am lawyer with deadlines, client meetings, court appearances etc, which is fine, but enjoy law school. You get to read cases, hang out with friends, it is a fun-time in life honestly. I am always in the Phil'z coffee right by Hastings before I go to work and I see all the Hastings students with their Con-Law Books, or whatever and I think man it would be so fun to just really read the cases have a flexible schedule etc.

When I was in law school I thought man I can't wait to have an office, clients, make money, blah, here I am looking back fondly on law school, but as the saying goes the grass is always greener.

The best way to deal with the whole situation is just don't overthink it. You are fortunate enough to be in law school, in San Francisco about 5.9 billion people would trade in their life for yours right now. Appreciate where your at and work hard and just do common sense things.

Apply to jobs, use career services one real helpful thing I used in law school was the BYU Intercollegiate Job Bank it has basically every ABA law schools job postings on it, got to love the Mormons and their kindness :) .

Also if you sign up for the Bar Association of San Francisco, which is $35 for law students I think they just launched their own career center, which has a lot of jobs on it.

Also sign-up for LinkedIn-Premium, the Sacramento County Bar Association etc and there are job postings all the time.

Basically, you are at a stage of your life with a lot of uncertainty it is scary, but trust me if you pass the bar you will find work. It might take a few months, but it will happen at least in San Francisco/Bay Area. I am not sure about other places, but the Bay Area economy is booming right now and there are jobs everyday, but finding a job sucks always has always well.

Anyways, enjoy law school and dont' stress I think back to my 2L and I had the same thoughts you are, but I should have enjoyed it more.

Job Search / Re: 2L Summer & Post-Grad Employment Search & Alternatives
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:47:10 AM »
I am in the Bay Area and went through the same thing, but I passed the bar and have had multiple jobs. I think like most 2L's at the halfway point of law school you are freaking out, which is not surprising. You are thinking will I ever get a job? Will anyone ever hire me? The answer is yes.

OCI works for almost nobody in reality and is often just a way for school's to say firms come, but just because a firm comes does not mean they are hiring anyone. Often it is just a favor for alumni.

I would stay focused do as well as you can in school and look for jobs. There is plenty of work for licensed lawyers, but it is frustrating to get your career started. I know as a 2L and I believe everyone that has posted I was in the same spot, but i passed the bar etc and have had jobs since I passed.

If you are in the Bay Area a networking opportunity that you might be interested in is the Bar Association of San Francisco Basketball League, which starts on January 26th. We need two more teams to start and games are at University of San Francisco. If you could get a Hastings team together that would be great we had the league their last season, but Hastings Gym is terrible.

If your interested in playing in the league let me know and I will PM you the info.

You shouldn't post on the internet period if your really stressed out.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Evidence Why 0L's shoudl not use Rankings
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:35:52 AM »
If used properly it has some merit i.e. you know if you were choosing between Georgetown v. Penn or something maybe it matters, but it really doesn't matter at all when a law student is choosing between Gonzaga and Idaho.

I had heard at one point U.S. News did it like college sports and ranked the #25 teams so it was an honor to be ranked, which makes sense. However, there is a reason college basketball doesn't rank outside the top 25 there is simply no way to know if Cal State Northridge Basketball is a better team than Northern Texas Basketball. They are both D1 schools with good players, but far from elite programs.


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