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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Need advice, please
« on: Yesterday at 10:56:09 AM »
Well it sounds like you are putting in a ton of effort and 143-146 are not amazing scores, but they are not terrible. I believe it puts you slightly under the top 50% of test takers.

A 165 may not be doable, to be perfectly honest it would put you in the top 20% of test takers and as you learned in your prior experience at the other law school it is not easy being in the top 50% of the class, let alone the top 20%.

I suppose you can take a Kaplan or other LSAT program, but again a 165 is difficult to get.

Additionally, the law school rank really does not mean that much, my school went from being a top 100 school when I enrolled to now being 138th I think and my job has not fired me, nor has a job denied my motion, in fact believe it or not the only time i ever discuss law school rankings is on this board. As a lawyer it never comes up.

Remember U.S. News is a for-profit unregulated magazine that has found a niche making insecure law students think it means something. Since you have gone through 1L you know the stress, confusion and insecurity that is prevalent in any 1L class. What better way to make money than to make up some ranking based on nothing in that situation, it is a genius move on their part, but it really means nothing.

So as to getting a 165 all you can really do is take the LSAT again and see what happens. If you want to spend a few thousand more dollars enroll in a course, but there is absolutely no guarantee you will get a 165 and odds are if you got a 143-146 originally a 20 point jump is unlikely, maybe a 150-155 is doable, but even if you got a 165 the bigger issue will be not getting academically dismissed.

A good LSAT score doesn't mean anything once your in school and more importantly even if you get a 165 on the LSAT it does not mean your passing the bar either.

Good luck to you, but don't set unrealistic expectations on yourself. Law school is doable and even with a 143 LSAT you can graduate from law school and a get a licensed to practice law. What you do with it after that it is up to you.

Here is a good article that explains how to choose a law school, even if you get a 150, 165 and I personally hope you get a 180, but since only 1% of people get a 180 there is a 99% chance you will not.

News Discussion / Re: POTUS
« on: November 24, 2015, 04:46:35 PM »
Precisely to you blatant hypocrisy is nothing, which is fine it is pretty commonplace in politics. Conversely to me a Politician under investigation is nothing new either.  Reagan example authorized drug deals to get weapons there was an investigation into that, but nothing happened and I frankly think that is worse than what Hilary did, but i still don't think it is that big of an issue.

When your responsible for mass amounts of power you are inevitably going to do something questionable and your political opponents will do whatever they can to publicize and criticize you for it.  To me that is commonplace and it certainly does not help Hilary's cause.

General Board / Re: 1L First Semester Grades
« on: November 24, 2015, 12:28:13 PM »
Yea my experience is more similar to Maintain's.

Of course having great grades is better, I was in the top of my class, but I still got rejected from plenty of jobs and despite getting the Witkin Award in Con Law 1 - Con Law II - Crim Pro 1 & Crim Pro 2. Not every DA, Public Defender and City Attorney Office was begging me to work for them.

For the most part on interviews employers ask do you have any experience doing X, because they don't want to spend time teaching it. If you know how to do a Pitchess Motion in California they don't have to explain it to you and you could have straight C's for all they care.

In BigLaw and certain jobs grades do matter, but those jobs are few and far between to begin with. Furthermore, of course there are small-mid size firms that care about grades, but there are small mid-size firms that might like that you like Basketball, or football or god knows what.

Every employer is not identical and has entirely different philosophies, culture, etc,. There are firms out there that would prefer to have a Tier 4 middle of the pack grad than the Harvard Valedictorian, because the Valedictorian Harvard working there wouldn't make any sense and you could constantly think they were going to leave.

I would love to have Lebron James on my lawyer league team, but if he quit the Cavs to play for me I would be a little suspicious about how serious he was to sticking with us long-term.

Furthermore, as to clients and grades/schools they don't particularly care. I go to a doctor, dentist, optometrist, CPA, etc and I honestly don't know what schools they attended or what grades they got, and I really don't care.

I don't have time to research it all and for the most part convenience in location, price, professionalism is far more important to me than whether they went to Harvard or Devry. Most clients are in the same boat and looking for representation in their situation with an attorney they like, is reasonably priced, and available.

Harvard Valedictorians can only do so much work in a day and are not likely to take the case of any jackass.

So at the end of the day, it is better to get good grades nobody argues that.  It is better to be 7'1 when your playing basketball, better to have six pack abs when pursuing your modeling career, etc, but not everyone out there is a Shaq Sized dominant NBA player that can related to everyone that also attended Harvard and graduated with an M.D., J.D., MBA, CPA, with years of experience at the top firms and is reasonably priced and available to any joe that needs help.

News Discussion / Re: POTUS
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:05:40 AM »
Because was the scared of Cheney Hilary is an easy target, she doesn't shoot people in the face.

It's clear you really believe what Hilary has done is unforgivable and the worst thing that a any of the potential presidential candidates has done. More power to you, to me it is certainly not beneficial to her, but one of the candidates may very well have rigged the 2000 election to help his brother become president, another fled prosecution in his own country, but does not think others should be allowed to. Ben Carson has lied about all kinds of things in his past, the list goes on and on.

At the end of the day no Presidential Candidate or person is perfect we all have flaws and make mistakes, but to you the investigation into Hilary is a huge deal. To me personally hypocrisy is the most annoying thing, but that might mean little to you. That is your choice and keep preaching man, but I don't think in reality this whole situation will have much impact. It is fodder to use in the election and there will be plenty of other issues raised about all the candidates as we move forward.

General Board / Re: 1L First Semester Grades
« on: November 23, 2015, 03:57:10 PM »
Yea of course the grades mean something and you would rather have a 4.0 than a 2.8, just like if your trying out for a basketball team you would rather be 6'10 than 6'5, but there are plenty of great 6'5 basketball players and plenty of great lawyers with a 2.8 GPA.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: District of Columbia Bar Admission
« on: November 23, 2015, 03:55:00 PM »
Really, they are doing the background on me now and I saw that you need to attend some class prior to swearing in.

How much work is it and what exactly do they require?

Thanks for the info.

Emory / Re: Anyone know anything about the Georgia one day Attorney's Exam?
« on: November 21, 2015, 12:31:09 PM »
I think you can do it by motion if you were admitted in 2010 then you have been practicing for 5 of the past 7 years. I don't think they specify that you need to be licensed for 7 years, just that you have been practicing for 5 years.

It is a straight face argument and something to consider at least trying. I feel you on the exam though, I will be pissed off if I ever had to do another MC question.

Good luck.

Emory / Re: Anyone know anything about the Georgia one day Attorney's Exam?
« on: November 21, 2015, 12:37:59 AM »
I have not taken the Georgia Bar Exam, but I am not sure if you have been admitted into another jurisdiction or not yet. If you have been licensed for 5 years you can be admitted by motion without taking the exam. Additionally, this link from the National Conference of Bar Examiners provides a detailed report on each state bar's requirements, procedures, etc including Georgia, which might be of assistance.

Good luck!

News Discussion / Re: POTUS
« on: November 20, 2015, 03:21:35 PM »
Cheney is on another level the day you shoot someone in the face and they apologize to you is when you have true power.  The FBI etc were just plain scared of him.

News Discussion / Re: POTUS
« on: November 19, 2015, 04:52:38 PM »
I think that actually goes to my overall point Nixon, Clinton, Bush, Obama whoever is president will have to bend the law to maintain power.

Again, George Washington was a traitorous, murder and for all intents and purposes a terrorist. America was founded on that as was basically every society in history.  George Washington and the U.S. won so he is the founding father and remembered as a remarkable person.

To become someone with great power you cannot do everything by the book. It is just literally impossible so when I hear a politician lied etc, I am not surprised nor do I necessarily think it is that big a deal.

When I hear a lawyer is arguing in a courtroom, a doctor is performing surgery, or an accountant is crunching numbers I don't make much fuss and when I hear a politician is doing everything in their power to maintain and increase their power and public image even it is not that surprising either.

That is just me and there are a lot of things I have issues with, but Hilary Clinton and Benghazi is not my big fight, but it is yours and more power to you for voicing your concerns.

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