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Has anyone heard anything else from UC Hastings lately.  In the begining of June, I got an email from them asking if I was still interested, because they might be taking people in the next few weeks.  I replied, and then nothing.  Then I called a few weeks later, and I was told by the guy in the admissions office that they were pretty much done.  Of course, that wasn't what I wanted to hear, so I wrote an email and finally got a reply that I had been informed incorrectly and that they would be taking people in Mid-July to Mid-August.  Its Mid-July and I've heard nothing!!! I'm getting so frustrated!!! Anyone heard anything lately?

Hi, I have a bunch of questions, I am really stressing myself out about this. 
1. How much do letters of reccomendation really matter? Will a really good letter of reccomendation from a professor really help?
2.How early is too early to apply? If I apply on LSACD and submit aps electronically as soon as you are able, will the schools not get them until they start accepting applications or will they get them right away?
3. How much, if at all, will applying early really help my chances?
4. Do schools really look for patterns in your grades? My GPA would be considerably higher if it was not for three courses I took freshman year, an econ course and two psych courses which I got C's in.  Should I mention this in an addendum?
5. In the personal statement, can I say a school is my first choice if it fits and is true

I have looked at all the admissions indexes and plugged my numbers into the chiasu thing, but what I want to know is if any of these other factors will really matter.  My first choice is USC or UCLA.  I have a 3.33 GPA from University of Rochester (avg. GPA 3.2 for the school) with a major in Eng. media and communications, legal studies minor, business management certificate, without those 3 courses my GPA would be a 3.5.  LSAT is 168 (avg. lsat 150 for school).   Great letters of recomendation, one from the president of a company i worked for for years who knows me well, one from an Adjunct professor at simon school (i think #6 business school in country) and I am going to send my aps in as early as possible.  I know those sites say my chances are about 40%, but will any of this stuff help or make a difference?

I don't know how I am going to wait to hear back from schools, I will have a heart attack from this stress before then...

What is the earliest that I can apply? I have called the schools and they say October, late October, around there.  If I get it in too early will that be bad? If I apply via LSACD and submit my apps as early as allowed (Sept. 8 I called) will the schools get it right away or will they not pull it off the LSAC database until later? Will they check the LSAC database as soon as they start accepting aps?
I want to get in as early as possible, I am stressing so much.  What are my admission chances to USC and UCLA with a 3.33 from a university in the top 35, and a 168 LSAT? Will being from NY help or hurt when applying to Cali?

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