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General Off-Topic Board / Re: What's your porn name?
« on: August 19, 2004, 03:27:47 PM »
Smokey Griggs.  I kinda like it.

Go Muhkia!  Yeah!


Any thoughts?  I don't like the fact that being on the jury was somehow "just like being on her show."  Also, how and why should it be fun?  Bringing all the jurors onto the show is kind of distasteful as well...

TV.  Sigh.

Law School Admissions / Re: Spiderman 2 is a crappy movie
« on: August 17, 2004, 11:49:36 PM »
i fully concur with DOWNY.  further, why does mary jane have to be such an airheaded skank?  she wasn't like that in the comic book.  in the comic book mary jane was hot.  she had a strong and intelligent face, strangely epicanthic folds, and a sexy clefted chin; a feline cherokee-russian hyrid, built like a muay thai kickboxer.  she spent most of her time working her various workaday gigs and beating the dogs off with a shilleleigh.  her character became especially hot after she finally found out peter parker was spiderman.  the *&^% was on, then.  they'd spend entire weekends in her sumptuous apartment wherein she would vigorously ride the chrome off your boy's trailer hitch.  later, while he lay back on the bed with his sore cock dunked in a cup of cold yogurt, she'd indifferently flash us a tantalizing rear pantyshot while gracefully padding to the bathroom to thrash out the contents of her diaphragm.  for about 3 months, spiderman was like:  "@#!* the goblin..."  i swear i must've jacked off to mary jane at least six or seven times before i even hit the 5th grade...

but in the movie the girl has no soul.  she establishes herself as a dumb sack from the first frame onward.  didn't she run through about 6 f-ing guys before the end of the first movie, something?  wasn't she going out with the son of the goblin when peter got bitten by the spider in the lab?  or was it some dumb jock?  i can't remember, but i think the son of the goblin was at least sweating her by that point.  peter never developed the sack to step to her, and rather preferred to spray his unrequitted love into a crusty sweatsock he kept stowed away between the mattress and the box spring.  sooner or later she sensed his feverish sweat, and warmly reciprocated... only to later suddenly announce that she was f-ing his best friend!!!  wtf!?!

so okay, fine.  she's a female dog, but i can buy that.  the goblin's kid is rich.  he's got a sense of humor.  he's obviously not afraid to @#!*.  but later on, when spidey saves mary jane from the goblin, she doesn't hesitate to throw a big hairy spread for the webbed wonder.  she's cockteasing parker, screwing the goblin's brat, and sucking face with spiderman in the dirty back alleys... all at the same time.  who knows?  maybe she was f-ing the goblin, too.  with what spiderman knew about this girl, i'm surprised he'd have her tongue in his mouth...

at the end of the movie i almost stood up in the dark to fling a fistful of my own *&^% at the silver screen when she had the nerve to pull out this sob story at the goblin's funeral about how, when she was falling to her doom from the heights of the city with spidey fast on her heels to pull off the big save, all she could think about was... PETER PARKER?!?  bull-*&^%!  peter rightly turned heels on that stank beeyatch.  personally, i'da slapped her across the grill with a warm oiled cock...

in the second movie she's juggling parker, the goblin's kid, AND some gi joe from marin county, something.  not to mention that she's still got her eye on some spiderstank.  i couldn't keep track of them all, i swear to god.  she had the nerve to meet parker in a cafe and tell him that she loved him.  what the hell does she know about love?  it's a good thing that doc ock threw the car through the storefront when he did; he saved parker from savoring the taste of some other guy's cock on her lips, herpes, who the @#!* knows...

at the end of the movie she had the nerve accept that poor military/astronaut bastard's offer of marriage.  now you she wasn't about to marry that f-ing guy.  and he was stupid enough to be surprised when she left him holding his diseased cock at the altar.  how the hell could he have not known his girl was tossing mad salads?  did he spend any time at all trying to get to know her at all?  apparently not.  he was just too damned dumb...

i keep trolling the net for the word from the women's groups about the piss-take they did on the movie version of mary jane.  haven't seen nothing yet.  what's the word, ladies?  can you email the studio so the dumbasses can get it right the next time around, what?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UCLA or USC
« on: August 17, 2004, 10:34:56 PM »
i sat in on on a usc prof's property class.  once.  associate dean scott altman.  the man is a genius.  i've never seen anyone field questions like that in a classroom environment in all my life.  with every rule being discussed he spontaneously tossed improvised and multi-faceted hypothetical scenarios to the class, and remixed them on the spot according to classroom feedback.  i saw him do this with the law of perpetuities; i couldn't sink low enough in my chair for that one.  damn if he didn't frighten me.  he assumes a strange posture when he fields questions from a student.  he tilts his head left and right like a curious dog trying to zero in on the distant heartbeat of a jackrabbit.  he stares off into some blank dimensional space near the ceiling, obviously visually diagramming a puzzle out of the question being directed at him.  as the student speaks, he blinks and nods at each juncture of logical assembly as if he were a cashier at a grocery store running purchases through an old-style cash register.  clickclickklack, ka-ching!  clickclickclickklack, ka ching!  robot-like, it was almost kind of creepy-looking to watch, and he often arrived at an answer before the student even finished articulating the question.  he'd vector in on your angle of logic, put down traction, and skate right past you and straight onto the point you were clumsily trying to make.  at which point he'd more often than not pull out some hilariousass scenario or skit that was analogous to the asinine assuption of the student and hold it up for the entire class to laugh at.  "so by that token i guess it would be a good policy to probably blah blah blah if you ever find yourself caught with a blah blah blah in the blah blah, right?"  (uproarious laughter from the entire class at this thrice-pondered cerebral scooby snack...)

the man is like mr. spock spliced with adam sandler. don't know much about the rest of the usc profs, but he is a certified rubix cube head.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: A Martial ARt
« on: August 17, 2004, 06:09:35 PM »

kali, stickfighting, knife-fighting, full-contact.

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