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This thread is obvious punani bait.  Notice no females are f-ing with it.  Why?  Cause men, some men, as you say, are too mothafuckin predictable, lol...

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Past Sexual Partners of SO
« on: January 09, 2005, 10:33:34 AM »
christ.  i've gotten laid twice, and have jacked off about six times since this thread got started, lol...

It wasn't eloquently phrased, but I have to agree that Bush lies.  Where are the WMD?

I voted for him last time, but not this time.  What really pisses me off as a Republican is that we had our party in power and they are spending my money like crazy.  They are supposed to be the party for a smaller government.

(and reaks ==> reeks)

*&^%.  your boy spent your money and your kid's money over a f-in year ago.  he's working on f-in over yer grandkids at this point, lol...

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Best Guitar Players Amongst These
« on: November 02, 2004, 11:10:23 PM »
list is about an instrument, but seems limited to genre.  compared to Manitas de Plata, fer instance, all these mothafuckahs sound like they're playing with their f-in feet, lol...

alright ya smartass pseudo-intellectual gigglesnorts.  so tell me:  what was so funny about said animated video?  i'm curious.  let's hearya articulate the f-ing meat n' potatoes.  pretend i'm yer buddy.  yer pal.  we're sitting on the porch, jawin' redman and cleaning our f-in' shotguns.  you lean over the spitoon and suddenly recollect this hilarious little ditty you saw on thet thar world wide web.  *&^%'s so funny ye jest about wet yer f-in' overalls thinking about it.  i turn to ye and ask whatserfuckinfunny.  you start by telling me about this here video.  and in it...


ya can commit a sin with a blade of grass, biatches.  s'all about the context.  frankly, i've laughed harder watchin' snails @#!*.

but if that's yer style, then maybe you'll find this is f-in' funny:

just a little something to plug the brown leak some a y'all *&^% disturbers have been trailing all over this board.  you know who you are.  HTH, muthafuckahs, lol...

Law School Applications / Re: Islam is Barbaric
« on: October 13, 2004, 02:33:03 AM »
dear rednecks:

unless you are fluent in arabic, your interpretations of the koran are going to be, well, extremely screwed.  ya sound like a buncha brayin' f-in' morons; @#!* yer insipid, half-baked interpretations of whateverthefuck.  that diarrhea yer spraying has no substance to it whatsoever.  yer sitting there typing with a thin rivulet of brown gravy seeping outcha ass, running down yer leg, and pooling on the floor beneath yer desk.  apparently yer the only ones who can't see it, smell it, or feel it.  pinch your busyass cheeks and kindly dispose of the mantequilla de cacauhuete comin' outcha ass...

by the way, yer interpretations of the bible are comparable hootnanny n' hogwash.   the bible wasn't written in english either, ya mumblin' sonsabitches.  who wrote what?  in what f-in' language?  when?  who translated it to latin? to english?  to chinese?  and why?  and can ya prove it?  did it happen in yer shortass lifetime?  or didya buy into your beliefs the same way everybody else does it:  cause yer sappy mammy toleya or causeya saw it on the ghastlyass television?  or areya on shrooms and thus enlightened?  or maybe you think you're jesus?  or maybe you think you're mohomed?  i bet jesus nor mohamed would spend two minutes in this clusterfuck of a conversation.  gimme a f-in' break.  lord save me from yer retarded f-in' followers...

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Shave, Trim, or Au'natural
« on: October 13, 2004, 12:03:39 AM »

i thought i heard my name :)

i don't know who draino is cheating on me with, but he's not thinking "ROAR!!!" about me.   :-\

nonono babygirl, let it just do its own natchel thang.  no need ta shave it.  that's a supremely unique and velvety skin texture you're dicking around with.  cosmic cashmere.  and ya gonna run a jagged razor round that priceless jellied portal?  don't do it, love.  i like my women hairy, like a ripe fruit.  adolescent girls have smooth, hairless peepees.  a woman with hair down there... well hell, that says something to a man.  says:  look what we have here, son.  it's ripe.  it's hot.  it's ready to go.  it can make you do things.  chemical things.  it can make you spray.  you can't stop it.   jesus christ, don't get me started.  but shave it off?  i might as well @#!* a folded piece of fried bologna, fuckit...

Law School Applications / Re: Islam is Barbaric
« on: October 12, 2004, 10:59:00 PM »
what's wid all dis 'they' *&^%, ya ignorantass redneck biatches?  what kinda mind lumps mugs into a category based on a religion:  the original tenets of which WERE NOT EVEN WRITTEN IN MUTHAFUCKIN ENGLISH?!

i ain't muslim OR christian, but i hereby sentence yo asses to 6 minutes of bare-ass face sitting.  stonin's too good for you, ya indiscriminate media-slurping diarrhea-sippers!


General Off-Topic Board / Re: Lo siento, espanol solamente...
« on: October 10, 2004, 01:58:07 AM »

ella era la mujer más hermosa yo siempre sierra 

un girasol vuelto hacia arriba
su cara

su sonrisa
un cuchillo limpio
que dio vuelta profundamente en mi vientre.

la primera vez que la vi
mordí mi labio inferior. en cólera.

deseé quemarme el mundo
para purgarlo de hombres

no, no angry for me. dance music. lil' kim, maybe outkast, kanye west, stuff like that. but fast.

"drunk schitzo" by fishbone.  as a soundtrack for running, it works even better if somebody's chasing you with an aluminum baseball bat.  also good for wild drunken f-ing and fistfighting.  that song makes you want kick an old lady in the back, lol..

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