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I decided to retake the LSAT, (I took it June 2006 and got a 165, kind of unprepared), so I started with prep test #7. Now I'm looking at the questions I got wrong (without looking at the correct answers since I only marked which ones I got wrong) and I can't understand WHY I chose the answers I did; they just look dumb.

Obviously this is not a good way to study. I've sorted the LR questions (the only section I had real problems with) into their different types, but if I can't figure out WHY I chose the wrong answers I don't know how to correct my problems.

What advice can you experts give?

I finally caved and decided to apply this fall, but I don't really know how to even START looking. I've looked at most of the information on the sites in the resources, but it feels like no matter how thorough I am there is something I will over look.

How did you narrow down your search?

(My info: GPA: 3.7; LSAT: 165(should I retake?); Undergrad at University of Oregon: Political Science and Linguistics. I'm looking at University of Washington, Lewis and Clark, and an extreme long-shot: Berkeley. I think the regional options here in the Pacific Northwest are kind of slim, so if you have any suggestions on that area I'd appreciate it.)

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