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in- Cal Western
out- UALR

Congrats on Cal Western, I'm hoping and praying I get in as well.

Thanks for the reply, I think I'll call tomorrow.

Deferred: Tulsa

Waiting on: Barry, St. Thomas, La Verne, Cal Western, Appalachian, Texas Southern, Thomas Jefferson, Cooley

*As a side note, I didn't apply till the end of March

GPA: 2.63 LSAT: 153

Hi all! I'm new here but I have a question for anyone who applied to St.Thomas (FL). I haven't heard back from them yet but had an email today reminding me of an online chat. When I clicked on the link it said it was an accepted student chat. Just wondering if anyone else got the email or was accepted and invited to the chat. I haven't got any notification from them yet saying I am accepted or rejected so I am a bit confused and don't want to get my hopes up. Thanks!!

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