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Not sure, I sent in a LOCI as soon as I got my deferral and have not heard back either way, it's been about a month. It couldn't hurt to tell them that.

Rejected USD, no big surprise there!

Nope still waiting and stalking the mailman, ugh  :-\

As a girl I have to say it depends on the relationship. I'm getting married in June but we have been together for over 7 years now. He pays when he can because he usually wants to, but I also pay sometimes, it's a non issue for us, maybe because we've been together for so long. Every couple is different though, I have some friends who have been together for a few years and even live together but if we go out to dinner with them they always pay separately, they never pay for each other.

Law School Admissions / Re: The Law School Laptop
« on: April 23, 2008, 10:49:21 PM »
Okay, I have been a mac person for the past 5 years or so and I have come to accept that I will have to get a PC notebook since most schools don't support macs. This is kind of a silly question it okay to get a colored one? I really want a pink one but part of me is like're going to law school, do you really need a girly pink laptop?? What do other people think about this? Does everyone just get black?

Nope, although I guess I am technically deferred and not WL. I sent a LOCI last week, keeping my fingers crossed. How about you?

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Girls, Let's Talk Laptop Bags
« on: April 23, 2008, 10:07:08 AM »
I bought a large tote from Coach last summer and I have used that to carry around my powerbook for my last year of undergrad. My mac fits in really well and ofcourse it's Coach so it's cute. I might try and buy a bigger one once I start as a 1L so I have more room to carry other things.

When I was 16 and had only had my license for 2 or 3 months I got a speeding ticket and as per state law my provisional license was suspended for 60 days. The wording on some of my applications indicated I needed to disclose that, since my license was suspended, so I did. The problem is there is no court documentation or anything, it was just a speeding ticket. I didn't contest it. Cooley was the only school that wanted the non existent court documents and such so I just withdrew, I didn't really want to go there anyways. If the documents don't exist maybe you can get an official letter saying that.

In: Barry ($), Appalachian, St. Thomas ($)
Deferred: Tulsa, Thomas Jefferson

I sent a LOCI to TJSL, hopefully that works out.

Accepted: St. Thomas ($), Barry ($), Appalachian

Deferred: Thomas Jefferson, Tulsa

Waiting: Whittier, Cal Western, La Verne, Florida Coastal, Texas Southern, Hofstra, USD (PT)

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