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PMs sent.  Thanks guys.

I know most of you are probably sick of this, but I'm really in a bind here.  I finished my first draft of my PS and my dad said it's terrible.  He thinks I should scrap it.  I'm looking for a second opinion, as I think it's alright.

Let me know if you'd be willing to help me out and look it over.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

E: Double post.

Hmm...well, it seems like you'd practice on the East coast (given your heavy bias of east coast schools).  Texas is the best school, but check out lawschoolnumbers to see if anyone close to you #'s got in.  Wustl is probably more of a crap shoot than I am making it out to be, but I'm not sure you'll get an outright acceptance there (maybe WL, then acceptance). 

ND would be tough with a 162.  Have you considered Tulane for a safety in the South )given that Texas is a reach?). 

Your numbers are good...I guess I would say to apply to your safeties and maybe get rid of WUSTL (as you say you want to get out of the Midwest and stand a better chance at Ill/Minn).  Have you thought about retaing the LSAT?  Two...vene three points would change you from 50/50 to a lock at your reaches and a 165 would be about 50/50 for Texas, Vandy, etc.  I know that's bad advice...but it really does make a world of difference (why?  I dont know...its only like 3-4 questions more right). 

I probably will be retaking the LSAT in October, but I want to go ahead and get my apps in as early as possible, which will be before the next administration.  Eventually, I'd like to refine my list to 7-10 reaches where I think I stand about a 25%-60% chance of getting in, and 2-3 targets where admission is close to certain and I stand a decent shot at a partial scholarship.  Obviously, all of these schools need to place well in cities where I could actually picture myself live.

Where do you want to practice?  Your schools are quite varied and that could certainly make an impact.  Probably the best school you could get into from that list is BC or UNC.  But, that;s assuming you want to practice on the East Coast.  If Midwest, I'd aim for Minn or Ill. 

Why not apply to Notre Dame?  Who knows what could happen, given your quite high GPA.

I'm somewhat indifferent as to where I practice, but I'd prefer to leave the midwest if possible.  I was hoping to apply at 7 or 8 reaches (located in places or near places I wouldn't mind ending up) and maybe snag offers from one or two of them.  Then I'd compare those more prestigious offers to what I got for partial scholarships from the "safties" and decided from there.  What I'm really concerned about is my list of reaches.  Like everyone else, I don't want to waste my time at places, but then again I don't want to magically get in at all of them and spend the next three years wondering if I should have shot higher.

I was considering Notre Dame, but I assumed that my LSAT would take me out of the running right away.  Maybe I'll swap that for Texas, or WashU?

I was also considering adding in W&L or W&M.

I'm trying to start my list applications I should be thinking about for this fall. I'm basically intending to go to the most prestigious/best school that will take me. If that doesn't really pan out how I want it too, I was thinking about applying to about 3 safeties in nice locations and going with the one that gives me the best financial aid/careers prospects combo. My current plan was pretty much to start applying at schools where I think my chances are in about the 25% range statistically, and go on down the list from there, hoping I'll get into at least one of them. I'm kind of basing it on the stats I've read from US News, and the LSAC's database. My stats are a 162 LSAT with a 3.92 LSAC GPA in Economics. I'm a Minnesota resident with what I'll consider to be average soft factors. Here's my current list so far:

-Wash U in St. Louis
-Boston University
-Boston College
-Minnesota (in-state)
-Fordham (LOR from Fordham grad student who was one of my profs)
-Illinois (LOR from Illinois grad student who was one of my profs)
-With safeties to include Florida, Arizona, and Georgia

1. How likey is it that I'll be accepted into at least ONE of my reaches?
2. What's the best school you think I could get into, whether it's on my list or not?
3. What do you guys think are my odds at each of the schools on my list?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.  I really have no idea what the usual strategy is for an application cycle.

What other board? I'm confused--earlier this morning everyone was saying that we won't be getting the scores until Monday because of the Iowa situation, and now all of a sudden people are hearing we could be getting them within a few hours??

Why are you confused?  Ultimately, NO ONE REALLY KNOWS YET WHEN SCORES ARE COMING OUT.


So what happens first, website updates or email notification?  Also, anyone know what time of day they usually post scores?  I feel a little crazy checking at like 5 or 6 pm, as I'd assume they'll post them in the morning sometime...

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This thread turned into a *&^% show haha

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