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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Dating at NYU/Columbia
« on: April 06, 2008, 08:23:22 PM »
Also common, is the number of inter-Columbia/NYU relationships. A know surprisingly many such couples. However, I don't know how their relationships survive the rankings and the Dean's Cup   :D

Sorry to intrude on this little love fest but I find it somewhat disturbing that two of the things noted by the OP were that "people [in law school] are just different than the activist/hippies/normal folks that you used to hang out with" and "to surround yourself with friends dedicated to public interest law." In other words, isolate yourself from other points of view and only associate with "folks" who think exactly like you (groupthink). While I deeply respect the decision to pursue a career in PI, failing to broaden your horizons beyond that hurts your various causes.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Loyola Worth $60k for one year?!!!
« on: April 06, 2008, 10:31:11 AM »
"but if I can manage to graduate in the top 10% biglaw in Milwaukee should be attainable"

This is exactly why the OP should be very careful about taking on massive amounts of debt for a T2 school. "Managing" to graduate (or even finish 1L year) in the top 10% is incredibly unlikely and takes almost as much luck as it does time in the library. To take on 180K in debt for the slight chance of getting a biglaw job (or any well paying job for that matter) is not a good investment. 

"Talk to real people in real life."

That's the problem. Regular people who have not recently gone through law school don't know what they're talking about. Many people think that law degree = big bucks. Those are exactly the wrong people for the OP to talk to. They will either be ignorant of the dark side of law school or tell the OP what he/she wants to hear. Even talking to lawyers won't necessarily provide correct information, especially if they have been out for a while or won the law school lottery.

To OP,

Take on the debt if you really want to go to law school but don't blind yourself to the risks.

"even if you decide you want to go corporate you can still get a firm job if you graduate with decent grades."   

This is simply not true unless by "decent" grades you mean top 10% and law review. American is only the third best law school in DC, which doesn't even take into account that DC attracts students from all the top law schools. Please do not perpetuate incorrect information.

"Rutgers is also a good school but my understanding is that it's limited to the New Jersey market." 

This is also incorrect. Many V100 firms interview at Rutgers. Check NALP.

To OP: I have many friends who are at or went to American. Most liked it, although employment prospects can be rough. However, if you want to do PI, this might not be as relevant to you.
As for Rutgers, although it is regional, its region includes NYC, which would provide many employment opportunities assuming you perform well. Furthermore, American is also regional. If you go there your market will be DC, VA and MD. Hence, only go to American if you want to stay in that region. If you want to practice in NY/NJ, Rutgers is the clear choice.

Good luck with you decision.

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