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Job Search / Re: Call back distinction...?
« on: August 14, 2009, 08:38:56 PM »
That is pretty much what my assumption was but it seemed like it could go either way. What are some other takes on this? Does this kind of call back give you the same percentage for an offer as an OCI call back?

Job Search / Call back distinction...?
« on: August 14, 2009, 04:23:50 PM »
When a firm (out of state) calls you and invites you to come interview at their office based on a mail/online app as opposed to a screening interview at OCI, is that still considered a "call back" so as to put you in the same candidate pool as those who were literally called "back" from OCI?

I am heading out to one of these next week and wonder if I will come in on an even playing field with those who were called back from OCI...

I'd suggest something that you can find at least somewhat stimulating but also assure yourself of a stellar GPA...

Job Search / Re: Mass mail v. email
« on: July 18, 2009, 11:13:26 AM »
What markets were you sending to? I am hitting the mid south (Dallas, KC, Tulsa, St. Louis) and have been advised to wait until 8/ just wondering your method.

I just finished my mass mail for 160 firms and it cost me $350 (and I didn't do the big envelopes, which I sorta regret).  I e-mailed another 150 and it was free.

The way I picked it was I made snail mail my default method.  But, if all the site had was "Send Resumes to Denny Crane, Hiring Partner," then I e-mailed.

One thing I will say is that when you see a high-quality envelope with high quality paper and "Best" printing inside of it, it really does look good and seem like you took a minute on the firm.  If you can add to that a couple lines that individualize the firm, I think it's meaningful.

Transferring / Re: OCI of Death 2009
« on: July 17, 2009, 05:20:11 AM »
Foe me...Top50 and don't look back. If that is the state you want to practice in and you feel confident in finishing well there that is the best bet. When you are in the area you want to practice, rank is much less important (unless it is a MAJOR market with multiple top schools). Unless you look online and see GW grads peppered all over your target market, I'd take the free ride all day.

I would be transferring from a t4 to either GW or an instate school ranked around 50 where I would essentially go for free. The complicated part is that I want to come back to my homestate to practice, and keep in mind that either school is a vast improvement.

Also, I read a WSJ article in Wednesday's paper suggesting that this is a common question in today's economy...

So the real question lies in whether that name is worth extra debt...I dont know...what is your opinion?

True enough on the inconsistency I guess. However, I would say that I really noticed people's advice about briefing after I had already become comfortable enough with it that I wasn't going to stop. I'll say I'm not at Vandy. After that they seem to all be pretty similar in rank and stature.

I did use supplements but not as much as I thought I would. I bought one for each class about this time last year. (I'm actually looking to sell all of them so anyone interested let me know!)I actually found that with reading and briefing pretty religiously, I very rarely was confused about something to the point that I wanted to go to the supp to "understand." There were probably a couple times in Property. But I really used them the most in prep for the finals. I used the black-letter explanations along with my class notes to make my own outlines for every class. I especially recommend E&Es and Emmanuel's Crunchtime. Both are awesome for civpro in my opinion.

As to time-budgeting, I was pretty rigid 1st semester. I had myself a sked from morning til about 5-6. (And I get up really the point where I would be at school between 6:30-7am each day). Between those times I was either in class, eating lunch, or reading/studying. To be fair I was and am also obsessed with fantasy football so maybe an hour a day went to that.

As a side, if you can handle getting up early enough that you are there an hour or more before class, I would suggest it. Even if you leave the reading for that class until right then, I felt super fresh and ready to go when class started every day.

use any supplements?

how'd you budget your time?  how much did you study per day?

also, doesn't it seem to be a little inconsistent to care that others think it bad practice to disclose schools, so you don't do that, but they also think it bad practice to brief the entire semester, yet you do follow that opinion?

i mean, if there is other justification (which i'm sure there is) then fine, but you could have just said that to begin with.

Everyone else around here seems to subscribe to the notion that disclosing one's exact school is a bad practice, so I won't go that far.

I would say for me personally, and it varies for everyone, that making a real effort to read every assigned case and actually brief it was very important. This allowed me to really be engaged in the class discussion and understand the black-letter law that came from each case because I had read the application of it in the case and then listened to the prof discuss the application as well. A lot of people will tell you that briefing is a waste of time after the first month or two, but it really didn't kill me to do it and I thought it helped.

Also, even though I had myself pegged as a solo studier (which is what I did 1st semester), I ended up doing a decent amount better in the Spring when I studied with 3 other people for exams.

which school?

also, which study habits do you feel most propelled you to the top 10%?

Top 10%, Law Review, split 1L summer with 2 firms (one defense and one primarily plaintiff's) and am targeting Dallas after graduation (where I grew up). I'll do my best to answer any questions you have about 1L or what I know about the Dallas market.

I find it original and hilarious myself...but I also haven't scoured the internet looking for that kind of stuff, so it i the first of its kind from my vantage point. I stumbled upon your site and think its great. Keep up the chapter additions. When do you expect the book to come out?

My life was relatively interesting last xmas, but unfortunately your request isn't in there. 

I'm not really sure how to respond to being unoriginal, I get a number of messages about the uniqueness of the story/writing.  Keep reading, it might surprise you.

You guys are the ones insisting on living in NYC instead of Dallas, Denver, Kansas CIty, Houston, etc. Its hot, but you can start at NYC market in Dallas and have a ridiculously low cost of living...

Durden once again speaks the truth.

If these market rates are based on cost of living for their respective cities, then one of 2 things needs to happen - other markets need to be starting much lower than New York since their cost of living is, accordingly, lower than New York


Keep everybody where they are and move the New York associates much higher.


NYC Associates learn to live a happier life with $65k take-home pay.


such a hater

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