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This was copied from Chapman's Website

See source, along with other news, here:

Chapman Earns a 4th Top 10 Ranking in Princeton Review's 2009 Best Law Schools!

Chapman University School of Law continues to rank among the nation's best in Princeton Review's Best 174 Law Schools, 2009 Edition. Chapman retained its Top 10 status in the “Quality of Life (#3)” “Professors Rock (Legally Speaking) (#7),” and “Best Classroom Experience (#3)” categories.  More importantly, Chapman added a fourth Top 10 category to its roster—“Most Diverse Faculty,” debuting at #9.

"Our newest Top 10 ranking is a testament to the significant effort Chapman has undertaken to have one of the most ideologically diverse law faculties in the country," said Dean John Eastman. With the latest figures, Chapman is in now in the Top 10 in four of Princeton Review’s 11 categories. Only Northwestern and Stanford have placed in more Top 10 categories, with six and five placements, respectively.

Anyone accepted to Chapman since they became Tier 3?  If so, were you on the waitlist or a new applicant? ???

Law School Admissions / Chapman Acceptance
« on: March 29, 2008, 10:46:35 AM »
Anybody receive an acceptance from Chapman since they moved to Tier 3?


Chapman accepts new applications until April 15th.  That means that you could contact them and "unwithdraw" prior to that date.  If you tell them the reason for your change of heart is the USNews ranking change, that should be reason enough.

It is a good opportunity to get into a Tier 3 school before most people figure out that it is a Tier 3.  And, from what I hear, the school will continue to rise based on its LSAT and GPA medians and bar pass rate.  :)

I thought that Tier 3 started at 101...How do you know they moved to "mid" tier 3?

For the first time this year you can sort Tiers 3 and 4 by alphabet or by rank.  They don't show you the numbers, just relative rank but you can see that Chapman did not just bump up to Tier 3 but they ranked higher than a bunch of Tier 3 schools.

 :D Congrats on Tulane and the $$$$

OK, you click "By rank" or "Name" to sort.

When you click "By rank" they sort by rank for sure.

They appear to be ranked.   :o

You click "Alphabetical" and they are ranked alphabetically.

You click "by rank" and they go into a random order that clearly demonstrates the better perceived schools at the top and the less well perceived at the bottom.

Cooley is at the bottom of Tier 4 and Southwestern is at the top of Tier 4, for example.

No doubt, you have a rank for all tiers now, just not numbered for Tiers 3 and 4 but the relative rank is SURELY apparent.


Ouch.  Sorry about that.

I am sure that they did not mean it personally.  The school is new and they probably have not yet had feedback to let them know how much the letter stings.

Just get even by getting into a better school and passing the bar on your first try.  Also, don't give up applying to schools last minute and part time.  If you have a low LSAT or low GPA you may get into a part time program because they won't have to report your numbers for ranking purposes.  So, if they see potential, they can take a chance on you without affecting their all important ranking numbers. 

Best of luck to you. ;)

Chapman moved to mid Tier 3, Southwestern moves South in this year's USNEWS rank
Does this change anyone's mind about where they will apply/attend?

Chapman's LSAT and GPA indicate it is more Tier 2 than Tier 3 already.  However, Southwestern has been around longer and so has more alumni.  Which would you choose?  Huh

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