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Job Search / China Opportunities?
« on: April 23, 2008, 12:17:27 PM »
I'd eventually like put a JD to use in China. I studied in Shanghai on two separate occasions during undergrad, and can get by with my Mandarin (not yet fluent) and minimal Shanghaiese. I was wondering if anyone knew of any firms offering summer employment programs in China (ideally Shanghai) or does anyone have any other ideas worth pursuing? I'd appreciate any advice  :)

I'll be living in south Salem, and intend on taking the bus. Willamette students get free public transportation, and with the cost of fuel as high as it is, I'll be saving money :)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Willamette Graduate Student Housing
« on: April 14, 2008, 10:14:50 AM »
I just moved to Salem, and will be attending the law school at Willamette in the fall. There are sketchy parts of town, but there are definitely decent areas (rule of thumb stay south and west) which are much more reasonably priced than the on-campus housing (the office estimated around $900.00 a month). Even the Housing Office at Willamette suggested  renting off campus to help save a bit of money. The office does provide a list of apartments on their website . The link at the bottom of this page under "Selected Salem Area Apartments" was a major help to me and my fiance when we were looking for a new place to stay.

Granted I come from a town of 5,000, I have enjoyed living in Salem the short time I've been here (I'm currently working full time for OR state government, which seems to look highly on Willamette Law from what I can tell), and haven't felt deprived of too much. But its definitely overshadowed by Portland, which is ~45 minutes away.  I feel like that could be to my advantage in that I won't be too distracted by the surroundings and will be better able to buckle down and study. Also the cost of living is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than in Portland. There are quite a few coffee houses downtown, and there is a student run bistro on campus right across the road from the law school thats convenient enough. But Salem is really dead this week, b/c both the university and all of the schools are on break- it's not usually this quiet :).

I'll be a 1L at Willamette this fall. I just moved to Salem from NY a couple of months ago, and really like the campus and Oregon in general. Anyone else planning on starting in August?

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