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What cons are there besides the extra year to finish and going to class at night?

I've taken TestMasters, and I'm currently going through the Bible.  Both methods are very close to each other, and the main difference is that PowerScore has better books.

So knock yourself out, go ahead and go through the Bible.

Should you run into any problems during the course, TestMaster tutors are very helpful and they even have a helpline via the telephone.

Wow!  I thought I was crazy for doing this.  But I think it's crazy to have to drive 500 miles to get to my testing center.  Will have to get a hotel/motel for the night.

I like that the test is at noon and on a Monday.

I was told that they have received more tuition deposits than they have seats in the first year class.

I bet it's all because they shot up in rank this year.

Incoming 1Ls / For those who are going to school in Los Angeles...
« on: April 30, 2005, 02:08:04 PM »
For those who are going to school in Los Angeles, in what area do you plan to live?

Oh, and this would help those who are currently looking in any major city:

I gave Southwestern a call, and they pretty much gave me the green light.

I'm a little bummed that the closest testing center is in Stockton (I'm right outside of Los Angeles).  Nonetheless, I'm pumped and ready to study!

Doesn't seem to say on the website, but if they did, should I go for it?

Good question.  I need to ask.

Anyone recommend this?  I'm fairly certain I can score higher, and I've been accepted to one of my backups elsewhere.  Is the trouble worth it in an attempt to improve my file?  It's been some months since I've looked at an LSAT question.  The school in question is Southwestern in Los Angeles.  The waitlist is not ranked, they will re-review the applications as spots open up, and the list itself goes on till August (a week before school starts to be exact).

I was waitlisted with 2.9/154.


Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Southwestern Waitlist
« on: April 29, 2005, 02:06:53 PM »
Anybody entertain the thought to retake the lsat in June in hopes of getting off the waitlist?

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