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Choosing the Right Law School / BAYLOR vs TEMPLE (+ other offers)
« on: March 23, 2008, 01:04:58 PM »
I recently received full-tuition scholarships to Baylor, Temple, and Pace. I also received about a 75% scholarship to U of Arizona.

I'm leaning towards one of the 3 schools with full-tuition scholarship, but the competitive side in me, wants to go to the best school possible. I am interested in pursuing public interest law (civil liberties; wrongful convictions with death penalty, etc), so maybe the distinctions between the school's USN&W rankings (Arizona: 44.5; Baylor: 54.5, Temple: 62.5; Pace: tier 2) don't matter as much?

Does anyone have any insights or suggestions they could share about these schools?

It sort of surprises me that Pace (which is where Bobby Kennedy works on environmental law issues) is a tier 2 school. Would I be sacrificing a lot, by choosing Pace over Baylor/Temple/Arizona?


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