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Current Law Students / Re: getting f's in law school...
« on: December 20, 2008, 06:32:47 AM »
I'm at a top 70 school and their (unwritten) policy is generally only to fail students who are "dropped" by their professors.  In other words, they don't even make it to the exam - they failed to meet minimum attendence or did/said something in class that was offensive or violated the professor's policies.

However, most of my professors did make special note in their exam prep lectures that they 'will' give C- and D's from time to time, but paraphrasing one particular professor, he said to us that we 'wouldn't beilieve' how bad someone has to screw up to get below a C. 

Current Law Students / Re: Golf
« on: July 30, 2008, 10:00:54 AM »
Sweet thread.  Something I actually know something about.

Played since I was eight and organized on through college.  The advice I always give to colleages and friends who are looking to take up the game as adults is to do what other posters have mentioned - go the the driving range and hit the crap out of the ball. 

Well, first get an introductory lesson in the basics - proper grip, stance, and so on - and THEN go to the driving range and hit the crap out of the ball.  Do this for a year or so (or a couple of summers if you're in colder climates) and you'll find you're at home enough over a ball to at least have a good time when you're out with associates and friends. 

But you have to have the freedom to actually put in some time at the range - which is probably the toughest part about learning the game if you've never played.  No lessons or books or academies or magazines will do it overnight.  It's less about technique and much more about training your body through repetition.

From someone who's best option may be IU-Indy (currently WL), I can honestly say that after visits and what I can gather from research and being in the community - it honestly doesn't seem to matter if Indy is ranked high T2 or low T4, alumni are so entrenched in the legal community here that job prospects will always be good for IU-Indy grads in this market. 

Although, based on reactions I get from people outside of the legal profession, IU-Indy still is regarded somewhat poorly - taking on the rep of IUPUI in general - as some sort of night school or "YMCA" type law school.  Everyone always seems surprised when you tell them it's one of the better schools in the region.

Law School Admissions / Deadline Question
« on: March 28, 2008, 02:13:04 PM »
Honest question here - I'm a semi-non traditional student whose choices are limited to where my wife gets offered a residence life position (so we can live rent free in the director's apt).  Obviously this makes for a hectic and somewhat unpredictable app cycle - I've been applying since October and just sent my most recent today.

Anyway, she's just been contacted for a 3rd on campus interview for an on campus res life position at a school I would theoretically have(under normal circumstances) a near 100% chance of being accepted to.  Unfortunately, the law school's app deadline (per lsac) was 3/15.   Anyone have any reccommendations or have any experience with this type of situation - anyone ever heard of exceptions being made?  It's a T3 with a good local reputation and my wife and I both consider it a potentially ideal situation.  It's just too bad it came so late - anything?  Anyone?  (aside from "wait a year")

Chexin, I wouldn't expect to hear from anyone on your post.  Patrick Bateman and Paul Allen, along with some acquaintences from the Harvard Club, have reservations at Dorsia tonight and are following that up with a showing of Oh Africa, Brave Africa at the Met.  So there's not going to be much activity on the board for awhile.

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