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I swear to god this is not trolling.  I honestly have my decision down to these two schools, and I honestly don't care where I go.  I just want to make money.

As for taking a year off...

I already have multiple LSAT scores and my GPA isn't really that flashy (3.3ish).  So... This is about as good as it is going to get.

I don't want to be one of those people that leach of their parents' fortune. 

I want to see if I can make even MORE than what my mom and dad earn.

So back to the question at hand...

I got accepted to both law schools and I have no idea where I want to go.

My parents are filthy rich, so money is not an issue whatsoever.  Because of this, I am not indicating which school is offering me money.

As for what I want to do with law...

I don't care, I just want to make a gazillion dollars.

Which part of the country I live in, what type of law I practice, etc. doesn't matter to me at all.  I am completely apathetic.  I just want to make big bucks.

Which law school would more likely help me reach such a lofty goal?


If you were right in front of me I would kiss you

Can anyone help me out?  Looking at the Top 100 rankings of the past years would be a HUGE help

I was pretty sure I knew where I wanted to go, but the rankings have me a little bit weary...


I am not saying I am basing my decision ONLY on the Top 100 rankings, but I am taking them in account as a factor. 

Could someone direct me to where I can find past Top 100 law school rankings?  I've looked on google and have come up empty handed.  I just want to see which schools are consistantly ranked, and the trends of others.

THanks in advanced.

If I were to go to law school in Hawaii, would I be trapped there?  I mean, would I be stuck having to practice law in Hawaii?

I know its a great school, but my father told me it might be a dead-end. Chances are law firms won't be sending anyone all the way to Hawaii just to look for potential hiress.  So if I'm looking for internships/etc., all my contacts will be in Hawaii.  I'm not saying that this makes Hawaii law school bad, but it is something to think about. 

What do you guys think?

A professor I asked about this told me "No news is good news"

How true is that?

I sent out all my applications just before Christmas, and we are at the end of March and there are still 6 law schools that have not sent me ANYTHING.  Not a deferral/waitlist/acceptance/rejectance/etc.NOTHING.

Now that April is approaching, would you say that more likely than not I am going to get rejected by the remaining schools? Does this long wait indicate anything?

I already got accepted to some Top 100 law schools (which was my goal) so no matter what happens I will be happy.  But I would be ecstatic if I got accepted by any of the schools that are remaining except for 1.

Thanks in advanced for any advice you may have to offer on this situation.

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