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If I had the option I would do something extremely creative for the year but I don't for a couple of reasons.  One being a domestic reason and the other, and the whole purpose of this thread, is that I am not a sho-in and I feel I need to utilize this year in anyway possible.

I do have experience working in an intern position in criminal law and also working in politics.  I do have experience and feel I could really get any position I want (within reason, hope that doesn't sound too pompous).  I have thought about just working the connection and working a low level job for some state rep/politician in atl just because it would be something to do.

Re: the paralegal certificate, I realize you don't have to have this.  I might do it just to build my experience.  Once again, this is the year to whore myself out to whatever it takes to look better.  Including paying way too much for a certificate that's not needed to get a job but is law related. 

Thanks for the response.  I've heard so many varying opinions and just trying to get some more.  The paralegal certificate, you can work full time and still get it.  Meaning I could work at a law firm (at any position they will offer) while getting the certificate and eventually become a paralegal.  Blah blah blah....

I was kind of looking for some unique ideas as well.  I'm not going to cry myself to sleep if my 'options' seem to all suck. 

I guess I should clarify 1) is Georgia State (preferred law school well) 2) Emory Paralegal Certificate 3) UGA

I am def. taking at least a year off because I am not taking the LSAT until October (although I probably would have taken the year off even if I was eligible for this coming up fall).

So the question is pretty self explanatory, here are the options:

1) Graduate certificate in "heritage preservation".  You do have to take the GRE and go through the same application process as the masters program.  It seems to be good because it can prove graduate level work, it is a one year (18 hr) program that seems to pretty competitive and most importantly, it is at the university I would like to attend law school.  That being said the glaring problem is it does not pertain to law any way, shape or form. 

2)  Paralegal certificate from a good school.  It is only affiliated with the school and you are not considered a student.  It is not just pass/fail which might be worthwhile in order to show flawless grades in the classes.  Obviously with this option I would work as a paralegal for the remaining time of the year (program is six months, drawn out!) or work as a paralegal for another year as well.

3) Global Policy Studies certificate at a good school.  It is only a 12 hr program and to be honest, although it does seem to pertain to law more than the first option, I'm not particularly thrilled with Global issues but I am willing to whore myself out to make myself look as attractive as possible.

4) What did ya'll do that you felt like helped?

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