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Gender is important.  
Is there something wrong with a women wanting to stay home with her children?
Women can shape the next generation while men protect and encourage development.

You can go out and do whatever you want with you life, but don't think that what you do is anymore noble than raising a child.

Go ahead and label me as an ignorant sexist.  I love my wife as much as any man ever has.  She's a queen, and her children will cherish her..  Hopefully your career loves you that much.

Also, i'm intrigued by the maternalism -> parenthood connection.

Maternalism is feminized, while parenthood is not. If you were going to make that connection, wouldn't maternalism -> motherhood be the way to go?

Maybe he thinks that women are the only real parents? ???

1750 is calling...

No I think that men haven't really changed that much over the years.  Women will even say that men never change.     If maternalism begins to disappear, parenthood will disappear.
Even though there will still be plenty of procreation.

i wish dash were still here.

Dash is a raging inferno of man-hating femegiene.

I wasn't trying to argue that the way to strengthen the family is by continuing the husband name tradition.
I was trying to make a more relevant point about how important strong families are.  

It seems like a lot of smart women are losing the desire to raise good children.

Educated women, on average have less children than uneducated women.   Why is that?

Things I love about this thread:

1. "Fairer sex"
2. If a woman disagrees, she's yelling, and needs to calm down
3. Not following the patriarchal tradition makes someone a "dork"
4. Stotan thinks he can win anything, but especially life
5. Using an exclamation mark is yelling? I THOUGHT TYPING IN ALL CAPS WAS YELLING ON THE INTERNET! Shows what I know. I am a woman, after all. Also, a message board discussion is formal writing? Well hell. Even I don't go that far.
6. A woman taking her husband's name makes for a stable family. Has anything to do with being a parent? Makes someone responsible? Really? Hot damn.

Cady, I said that the name thing doesn't make much of a difference.  I said that I "HOPE" that individualism doesn't get rid of maternalism.

Maternalism is what makes for stability, responsibility and parenthood.

and IrrX,  I said that the tradition seems to work pretty well... I didn't say that changing the tradition would screw anything up.   It's not really broken so why fix it.  My wife has the same last name as me now and it's now the name of our new family.  Who really cares which name it is.

Why wouldn't a woman want to take her husband's last name?  Unless you are famous and don't want to lose your name recognition I don't really think it matters that much.

The tradition seems to work pretty well though, and hopefully the need for women to be "empowered individuals" doesn't make them lose their maternal instinct.
I think smart people are often too smart to realize that the best way to fight poverty, and crime and inrease education is to have more stable families.

Responsible and loving mothers and fathers will make a bigger difference in a childs life than anything else.

I think it's pretty surprising that women don't want to believe that they are almost always better at raising children than men are, Especially since many women want to be better than men at everything else.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: KU Jayhawks Class of 2011
« on: April 10, 2008, 11:55:26 AM »
I sent my seat deposit to KU.  I did a lot of research and I feel good about my decision, but really the miracle finish of the NCAA final is the real reason I'm going.

I won't be able to visit until next month though, so hopefully I love lawrence as much as people say I will.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Class Schedules
« on: April 10, 2008, 11:53:59 AM »
Unless something changes, or if the classes fill up, it's looking like I'll have three options for my 1L fall schedule: 
I can be done before noon every day with no breaks,
I can have class scattered between 8 AM and 5 PM every day with big breaks
I can have some afternoons off, and some mornings off.

During undergrad I knew that I learned the most if I studied in 2 hour blocks, but I have no idea if I'll feel the same in law school.
Any advice?

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Mid and small firm salary
« on: April 09, 2008, 05:41:55 PM »
Salary info for new grads is interesting and all, but I'm more interested in salaries for associates with 5 to 7 years experience.  Do you know of any web resources with that kind of info?  (besides yahoo hot jobs, and career builder, etc.)

Law School Applications / My Oversimplified Admissions Process
« on: April 09, 2008, 05:16:19 PM »
I applied to 13 schools in early december and I heard back from 10 by mid march.  I've heard one of the remaining schools isn't going to send anymore letters until early may.  (WTF?)
Most schools  "begin reviewing files late in the fall" so what is taking them so long?

So lets say you get 2000 applications, and you have 175-225 spots.  That would bring in somewhere around $10,000 in application revenue.

Start this process on Jan 15,  repeat twice per month.
Step 1:  Get index scores     (1 Day)
2:  Set URMs Aside, accept top 25 URMs    (1 Day)
3:  Cut the bottom 1/3 of all applicants  (1 Day)
4:  Accept the top 10% of all applicants  (1 Day)
     {End of Index Round}

5:  Create two ad-com groups of 3 each.
6:  Allow each ad-com member to automatically accept 5 of their choosing based on whatever criteria they wish.
7:  Give half of remaining apps to one group, give the other half to the 2nd
8:  Remaining apps must get 2/3 votes to be put in final round.
9:  Final round apps are scored by each of the ad-com members. 
           LSAT 40%, GPA 30%, In-state Bonus 10%, URM bonus 10%, Soft Factors 10%
10: Accept Top 4%
11: Defer  Next 4% of remaining
12: Accept as applicants withdraw
13: Waitlist 5% on March 1

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