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I understand why they want the best students to apply.   I should have just got a 176/ 3.97  and then I'd be asking whether to go to Stanford or Columbia with $$$?!!

I'm still waiting to be rejected to a few schools that are dragging their feet.  My LSAT was okay and my grades were horribily affected by retakes. (I had a few Fs that I replaced with As)
How important is it for an admissions committee to improve the ranking of their school? 

Consider this hypothetical decision: (neither candidate is me, btw)

(The following has been edited due to many people thinking the original scenario was ridiculous)
(All responses up to 3/17/08 were based on a 3.0 vs 3.7)

Candidate 1: 3.5 GPA 159 LSAT, Public University, Business, no work experience, no awards or extra-curricular, average personal statement.

Candidate 2: 3.3 UGPA 159 LSAt, Public University, Business, 4 Years of full-time relevant professional experience, many awards, leadership experience, fantastic personal statement.

Lets assume the Law School has a 25 Percentile GPA of 3.4, and that 159 is the median. Lets also assume the admissions committe thinks that  #2 would make a better student and lawyer.  Would they still be extremely hesitant to admit a student like that and Likely give candidate 1 the spot to improve their numbers?

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Increasing Typing Skills
« on: March 14, 2008, 12:30:18 PM »
I just took one of the typing tests this thread suggested and got 89 wpm, so that should be okay.  I don't think I read very fast for very long.  I can go really fast in spurts, but I'm pretty average if I read for a long time.  Any ideas on how to improve long-time speed and comprehension.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Increasing Typing Skills
« on: March 14, 2008, 12:24:37 PM »
My friend is a 2L in law school and he seems to think that typing speed is extremely influencial on your final grades.  Is that true? Maybe just at a few law schools?

I've been away from the discussion for a while, but I'm really curious to hear your opinions.  Iran has said they want to eliminate Israel, and they have expressed extremely violent opinions about the western world.  Should they be allowed to Develop Tactical Nuclear weapons?  And other than force, how can we stop them if they are determined?

Did Obama have access to the same intelligence that Hillary had?  Was he still against the Iraq war even though he had intelligence that suggested Sadaam was developing nuclear weapons?   
We'll see what he will do if he is elected President.  It can be hard for an Anti-War candidate to make objective decisions about war.  If Iran develops tactical nuclear weapons, and they refuse to dismantle them, I hope he has the guts to make them.

That's pretty good.

It doesn't usually work very well when the government tries to ban things.  The war on drugs isn't really working.

Do you know how much tax revenue the country would lose if we banned smoking?
And how would I cram for finals without fast food?

Well why don't you share with the class how he's planning on reducing health-care costs?
We just need the government to do everything don't we?
Universal health care for people who can't afford health care     
Universal groceries for people who can't afford groceries         
Universal housing for the homeless

FedEx and UPS have restrictions that stop them from mailing letters.  Do you seriously think that the post office is more efficient than FedEx and UPS?  Do you also think that public universities and public schools are better than private?

Obama isn't for those things.  Earlier in the conversation I said that smoking and being overweight probably cause more problems than our health care system.  Obama wants to get the government involved in health care, and I just feel like personal choices such as the foods we eat and the activities we participate will be next.   Obama could reduce health care costs significantly by requiring citizens to lose weight, stop smoking and have regular physicals. So should he?  Are those things bad?  No, they aren't, but it shouldn't be up to the government.

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