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Law School Admissions / Academic Excellence VS. Work Experience
« on: March 24, 2008, 07:58:05 AM »
Last time I asked about this, a bunch of people just told me I was stupid because Ad-coms don't care that much about work experience.
This time, I want to hear your opinions on the value of professional work experience before law school.

Does professional work experience before law school prepare you for a career in law?
Should pre-law students avoid working if it hurts their grades?
Does your sucess in undergrad really have much to do with your success in law school?
Would most undergrads get the same grades whether they work or not?

Discuss.. Call me an idiot.. business as usual.   :)

General Off-Topic Board / I HOPE Racism will fade away if I do my part
« on: March 20, 2008, 09:04:37 AM »
I come from an all white family.  My grandparents are far less racist than their parents were, my parents have some struggles with race, but they try hard not to discriminate.  My siblings and I aren't really racist at all, but we do notice race and racial tension. I believe that my children will not be racist at all.  Skin color will become more like hair color, and people won't make any race based judgements.
It seems (based on the media) that many black churches don't want to let their patrons let go of racism.  I don't think we should forget about slavery or the horrible persecution that my ancestors brought upon the slaves.  I don't think we should forget about the sacrifices of those great individuals that brought change to America.  However, we shouldn't assume that our children will be racist.

Incoming 1Ls / Should I be a litigator?
« on: March 19, 2008, 01:07:00 PM »
I have talked to a lot of attorneys that specialize in litigation and criminal law, and I'm very interested in that type of career.  I have a few 3L friends in law school that think I would really enjoy an emphasis in Trial Advocacy/Litigation.
I'll be attending a school ranked between 40 and 65
I'll graduate with just-below-average debt.
Let's assume I can graduate in the top 20% of my class (Maybe I can't, but humor me.)

What are some pros and cons of emphasizing in trial advocacy or criminal law?
How can I learn about whether or not I'm cut out for the job, or if there will be a lot of opportunity for me?

Law School Admissions / Why haven't they answered yet?
« on: March 18, 2008, 02:42:45 PM »
It says on a school's website that they review files in the order they are completed.  On LSN, people who have gone complete after me have been accepted, rejected, and waitlisted.   The school in question is in my home state.

Any insight into their methods?

I got a message that said my financial aid application was incomplete and I could check the status online after I was fully admitted.  Would this be a good reason to call them?

Do most students know what kind of law they want to practice by the end of the first year?
Do you know of any resources that could help me narrow it down?
I'm planning on going into corporate law, but I don't want to miss out on opportunities in other areas.

There are a few more specific fields I'd be really interested in, but I don't know if there is any demand.

I'm still waiting to be rejected to a few schools that are dragging their feet.  My LSAT was okay and my grades were horribily affected by retakes. (I had a few Fs that I replaced with As)
How important is it for an admissions committee to improve the ranking of their school? 

Consider this hypothetical decision: (neither candidate is me, btw)

(The following has been edited due to many people thinking the original scenario was ridiculous)
(All responses up to 3/17/08 were based on a 3.0 vs 3.7)

Candidate 1: 3.5 GPA 159 LSAT, Public University, Business, no work experience, no awards or extra-curricular, average personal statement.

Candidate 2: 3.3 UGPA 159 LSAt, Public University, Business, 4 Years of full-time relevant professional experience, many awards, leadership experience, fantastic personal statement.

Lets assume the Law School has a 25 Percentile GPA of 3.4, and that 159 is the median. Lets also assume the admissions committe thinks that  #2 would make a better student and lawyer.  Would they still be extremely hesitant to admit a student like that and Likely give candidate 1 the spot to improve their numbers?

I'm a conservative-leaning Independant.  I really want to know why so many people believe that Obama can deliver on his promises.  What if he reads intelligence after he becomes president that convinces him we shouldn't pull out of Iraq?  What will he do?
What if he crunches the numbers and realizes that the government shouldn't be in control of health care?  Will he still keep his promise?  At least Hillary has failed at trying to reform health care.  Obama hasn't ever been involved in a national corporation let alone a national health care system, where does he get off thinking he can lead the charge?

Law School Admissions / "Should you really be a lawyer?"
« on: March 11, 2008, 02:44:18 PM »
I read "Should you really be a lawyer?"  by Deborah Schneider and it didn't really help me at all.  I feel like it should be called "You shouldn't be a lawyer, unless you're crazy, or you've worked for a law-firm before"
I already work with contracts all day, and I have to deal with three-foot-tall stacks of paperwork, so I know I can handle that.
I don't really care to hear "what makes a good lawyer" but please give me your comments on this question: What kind of person likes being a lawyer?

I totally ruled Akron out, but they offered a full-tuition scholarship on friday.  I've heard some great thing about Akron, but I still think Kansas is a much better school.    The Akron scholarship is really tough to hold onto: I have to stay in the top half of my class the first semeseter, and maintain a 3.3 (top 10% of the class) for the rest of the first year, and years 2 and 3.  Any advice?

I totally ruled-out Akron, but now they are offering a full-tuition scholarship.  I've heard a lot of good things about the school, but I still think KU is much better.  Any thoughts?

According to Akron, they only have a 10% renewal rate on their full-tuition scholarships. That sucks.

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