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Incoming 1Ls / I need some perspective. Please help.
« on: July 15, 2008, 11:41:28 AM »
So I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I don't really know that much about the legal field.  I start 1L this August.
I thought I knew a lot, but I don't.  My mom works for a law firm so I've shadowed and worked with about 10 different attorneys.  I know what they do on a daily basis and I'm really excited to start my legal career, but I don't really know anything about the different specialties.  I know that I'm really interested in law school, and working as a lawyer, but people ask me what kind of law I want to practice and I really don't have any idea yet.

Can anybody give me a job outlook on some of the specialties?

Do most lawyers work in "corporate law"?
What is the highest risk/reward specialty?
What is the lowest risk/reward specialty?
Are there any sure bets? 
How much of an accounting background do I really need to be a tax lawyer?
Will I be able to do any IP law with a business background?

General Off-Topic Board / Lower speed limit to save gas?
« on: July 14, 2008, 10:52:45 AM »

1  Socialist
2  Far Left Wing
3  Very Liberal
4  Liberal
5  Left Leaning Moderate
6  Right Leaning Moderate
7  Conservative
8  Very Conservative
9  Far Right Wing
10 Facist

General Off-Topic Board / How did you pay for undergrad?
« on: June 18, 2008, 12:49:33 PM »
If your situation would have been different would it have affected your grades?

General Off-Topic Board / Angelina Jolie Vs. Carrie Underwood
« on: June 16, 2008, 01:15:19 PM »

General Off-Topic Board / Big Oil: Why do Politicians lie so much?
« on: June 13, 2008, 10:48:08 AM »
It is totally insane how silly all this oil stuff has become.  I really don't understand why politicians are purposefully forgetting economics.  There are just a few things that they are lying to us about:
1: Oil profits come from all over the place.  The transportation sector only uses 65% of the oil. Truckers buy almost 15% of the gas.  So only about 55% (.65 * .85) of the profits are paid for at the pump by private drivers.  So we are only have as "GOUGED" as they would have us believe.
2: US Consumers DEPEND on Oil.   Plastics, foams, rubbers, some heating, and some of our electricity all come from oil.  The majority of our goods are shipped on trucks and we all need oil for our cars.    Can you imagine what would happen to our standard of living if the oil companies faltered?
3: Chevron, Exxon, and Shell don't just work with oil.  They also deal with natural gas, coal and other energies.  Saying that those companies only make money from oil is like saying mcdonalds only deals with hamburgers.  So that means, that EVEN LESS than 55% of the profits are paid for by consumers at the pump.  I've seen various estimates but from what I can tell only about 4% of the price of gas comes from BIG OIL profits.   So at $4.00 a gallon you are only paying 16 cents a gallon that goes to profit.
4: The oil business is HARD.  It takes a massive amount of investment to drill and refine oil, not to mention dealing with environmental and political concerns.  Companies won't stay in tough businesses if they don't make a good amount of profit.
Here is a list of companies by profit margin.   (You probably know this, but profit margin is the percentage of your total revenue that is profit)
I've also done my best to evaluate them based on how essential their services are
@@@@ = Absolutely Essential to the majority of the population
@@@   = Absolutely essential to a significant portion of the population
@@     = Important, but not essential to a significant portion of the population
@        = Important to some, almost no one depends on the services
1: US Bank                @@         31.20%
2: Microsoft            @@@        27.51%   
3: Google                  @@         25.33%
4: Energy Sol           @          19.79%
5: MGM Mirage           @          18.21%
6: Pfizer Drug         @@@        17.05%
7: Bristol Myers      @@@        14.12%
8: Disney                  @          13.66%
9: GE                       @@@        13.01%  (The 'green' champions themselves!)
10: Newscorp            @          12.19% 
11: McDonalds          @@         10.25%
12: Exxon             @@@@       9.32%
13: Budweiser(AB)        @          8.71%
14: Chevron           @@@@       8.46%
15: Shell Oil         @@@@       7.74%
16: Dish Network       @@         6.82%
17: Toyota                   @@@        5.8%
18: EBAY                      @          4.54%
19: Best Buy                @          3.53%
20: Walmart                 @@@        3.51%   
21:           @          3.21%
Do you see much of a pattern between how essential something is and their profit margin?   I don't.
Now.  Here are those same companies listed by Net Income (Profit)
1: Exxon             @@@@   40.61 Billion
2: Shell Oil         @@@@   27.56 Billion
3: GE                @@@    22.00 Billion   
4: Chevron           @@@@   18.68 Billion
5: Toyota            @@@    16.06 Billion
6: Microsoft         @@@    14.06 Billion
7: Walmart           @@@    12.73 Billion
8: Pfizer            @@@    8.14 Billion
9: Disney            @@     4.68 Billion
10: US Bank          @@     4.32 Billion
11: Google           @@     4.2 Billion
12: News Corp        @@     3.42 Billion
13: McDonalds        @@     2.39 Billion
14: Bristol M S      @@@    2.16  Billion
15: Budweiser        @      2.11 Billion
16: MGM Mirrage      @      1.58 Billion
17: Best Buy         @      1.40 Billion
18: Dish Network     @      756 Million
19:       @      476 Million
20: Ebay             @      348 Million
21: Energy Sol       @      320 Million
But now it's kind of easy to see a pattern between how essential the service is and how much money they make. That is how is should be!

This isn't always the case, and it's interesting to see that there is such an obvious relationship.  I just think it's insane that any politician would be deceptive enough to use Net Income as a basis for a company doing something wrong.   
I know politicians lie, but this may be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

General Off-Topic Board / California Gay Marriage
« on: June 05, 2008, 09:46:17 AM »
I'm not interested in reading a moral/social argument about homosexuality.
I'm more interested in the legal basis for the California court to overturn the vote of the people.


"We didn't wait to invade the beaches at Normandy, so why would we wait to act on the Global Climate Crisis?"   I know I know.. I watched the discovery channels special about the 5 biggest world dangers.  Global warming was number 1... ahead of nuclear war, bio-terrorism, asteroid impact and the sun exploding.

What do you want me to do? hmmn?   Go around and pour sewage into all the SUV gas tanks in my city?  That's what I call biodiesel!

According to
CO2 emissions inreased by 35% from 1990-2006.   So that's a yearly average of 2.18% per year.  That's pretty scary.

According to
The US accounts for 22.2% of all man-controlled worldwide CO2 emissions.  That sucks, because we only account for like 4.5% of the population.  So we are all a bunch of freaks.  We should stop driving right?  Businesses can still use trucks and stuff, but we should all ride bicycles.

Check out this link

Let's just assume that through carbon trading, personal responsibility and government intervention we can reduce industrial, transportation, and power station CO2 emissions by 50%.  That would be badass!  US Emissions would be reduced by 26%!
Well, that would only reduce the worldwide C02 emissions by 5.7%.  That would get us back to 2003 levels!!!

So, what if we could get the whole earth to reduce CO2 emissions by 26% by 2030?  That would get us back to 1994 levels..  But we'd still be screwed right?  The death would be slower, but we'd still have more C02 than the environment can handle.

The way I see it, there are only two answers...   
1: Figure out a way to power the world with clean energy
2: Go back to the pre-industrial revolution standard of living.
What should we do Mr. Gore?

In the meantime, if Global Warming is more dangerous than nuclear war or bioterrorism, why aren't we building more nuclear power plants? (Only 19% of our electricity is powered by nuclear)  Seriously?  You think throwing away incandescent bulbs will make a difference but you won't increase nuclear output?  Great.

Go ahead and guilt trip me into riding a bicycle..  Who cares if it doesn't make a difference?  I could use the exercise.

General Off-Topic Board / Current Law Students: Fact or Fiction?
« on: May 29, 2008, 09:36:11 AM »
I'm reading Planet Law School and he has some pretty interesting advice.  Hopefully there are some current students out there that can give me some good opinions.

Here are some things he suggests

1: Even though you have to attend, class is a total waste of time as far as your grade is concerned. (He says there are some exceptions, like getting hints for the final or figuring out how the professor will grade the final.)

2: Don't ever show off, or ask questions in class.  Just try to lay low.

3: Start your study group in the first three weeks of school. 

4: You will burn up the 9-5 m-f hours by doing what's required, if you want to get ahead you need to study late into the night and on almost every weekend.

5: If you work smart in your first semester, you will instantly have an advantage over 80% of the students

What do you guys think?

General Off-Topic Board / GPA VS. LSAT
« on: May 27, 2008, 12:39:36 PM »
Some would say that a 4 year track record tells you more about someone than a 6 hour 4 hour test.  Others would say that GPA is a poor measurement because every school/situation is different.

What do you think?

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