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Football team.

I'm not very good at this nerdy...

Much better   ;D

I just did a lot of homework.  oh, repertory theater?  does that count?  I did speed and debate for a year or two. 

man, I am really dorky, but suddenly I feel less dorky.

how all cats feel about their people

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."  -Thomas Jefferson

That pretty much says it all.  I don't advocate violence, but vocal opposition is important. 

Also, I really resent all this prejudice going on.  Not all liberals or democrats or whatever are the same, just as all conservatives or republicans are not the same.  Some of us actually try to look at each issue instead of just sticking with the party line. 

I just read the article.
It appears that I was correct and you, the guy who tried to pass the article off as disproving the liberal in academia bias, proved it for me.
Thanks? :-*

oh man, you need to chill.  and first, I am not a dude. 

I didn't say that there was not a predominance of liberals in academia, I said there seems to be some self-selection going on.  it's not a conspiracy to shut out conservatives and indoctrinate thousands of young people with leftist viewpoints. If you think there's too much liberalism, then ascend the freakin' ivory tower!  if there are too many liberals, it's because conservatives are not taking on that career path. and have I read that book The Professors?  No, I haven't.  But I have been a grad student dealing with academia, and I have met a lot of people that have dealt in a very non-judgmental way with different political viewpoints.  Most of the people I've met have been very open to discussing the issues and considering a variety of different beliefs.  I think you have had a very unique experience, and if I were you I would hesitate before extrapolating that to higher education at large.

All I needed to see was the vast number of Obama shirts in class.
The cake was the 'morality' discussions that devolved from our discussions. 
Academia is overwhelmingly liberal.  The few educators that aren't left leaning or flat out hard core liberals have to be careful how they discuss their ideology lest they be ostracized.
My K professor wrote an excellent paper on the contractual nature of invading or occupying forces and in that paper, he advocated a change in the humanitarian laws involved, basically calling them antiquated, absurd, and the cause of many soldiers injuries unnecessarily.
His paper was the #1 most downloaded law article on the subject in the country.

My school offered no congratulations for this major academic feat.  I thanked him and told him that more former servicemen should be heard on the subject.

Here's how it works out:
I was at a BBQ on memorial day and I was speaking to a very liberal woman I know.  She was telling me that the reason no one she knew was going out of town for the holiday was because the media kept saying, over and over again, that gas prices were out of control and that it would keep people from traveling.  In reality, that same vacation costs about $100 more than it did last year, which isn't nearly enough to discourage people.
So I asked her why she was surprised when the media shapes public opinion. 
Just take a look at how the media portrays the war and our President.  From day one, the President was a liar, a theif, and a moron.  The war is violent and has only produced death.  The media ignores the scores of schools that have reopened.  They don't report anything positive and as a direct result, most of the country buys it without a second thought.  I am friends with some active military personnel, and their attitude is that America was never really at war.  Only the military was at war.  America was busy trying to villify Bush and impeach the war effort.
And now, after spending months trying to coronate Clinton as the next President, the media has decided that Obama should be king and push his brilliance and legend. 
Unfortunately, I still believe the maxim holds true - those who can, do and those who can't, teach.  It is far easier to be a professor than hold down a real job and actually perform.  This is much of the draw to education for the left leaning and the hardcore liberals and precisely why so few who associate with the right bother to teach at all.  They are too busy 'doing' to stop and teach.  Nothing is sweeter than sucking at the teat of the educational institutions that have been overrun by left-leaning individuals.
At some of the best law schools, we have hard core hippies from the left teaching kids how and what to think.
One of the leaders of the violent Weather Underground group that is responsible for terrible attacks on innocent people who has NEVER disassociated herself from their criminal activities is now a teacher at Northwestern University School of Law.  Her name is Bernardine Dohrn.  The fact that she is allowed to teach ANYWHERE is a travesty of our justice system.

I'm so glad to see your vitriol extends to politics in addition to religion.  The predominance of liberal or "left" leaning individuals in academia has been the topic of some studies and papers.  Note that your post has little to actually do with politics in academia and instead seems to focus more on your personal biases against the media and non-conservatives. 

Here are some links to the article I mentioned before, for all of those who might be interested in reading it.
(Note: in the interests of full disclosure, I have not read the actual study, although I intend to now that I found the link.)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: God doesn't like Lawyers
« on: May 27, 2008, 03:20:42 PM »
my dearest Alton, this thread was hijacked by some overly-serious champion of religions, and I think we are all feeling a little on the defensive as we try to right what was supposed to be a light-hearted discussion about an article.


1)  Making discriminatory statements about people based on their religious views is innappropriate and shouldn't be celebrated as a light hearted joke
2)  Religion appears to now be okay to ridicule, while other, old targets are now beyond the pale.
Believe me, if this post was about how black people, gay people, women, or any other group was more prone to fail out of law school due to an inability to reason, I would have posted just the same.
You are preparing to be lawyers.  As such, I feel that you should represent yourself better than making fun of people because they believe in god.

I really have trouble finding where people did this (things mentioned above).  I don't think it's out of line for a poster to muse on whether or not people who profess strong religious beliefs might have, in fact, spent a significant amount of time praying for good grades.  Strongly religious people usually do a lot of praying and do, often, pray for certain outcomes or guidance, etc.  If you perceive the early posts to fall into those categories above, then I think you arrived at this site looking to pick a fight.  If that's not the case, then it seems that you automatically assume we are all anti-religion, and you know what happens when you ASS-U-ME.

just b/c you apply or are accepted for Fall 09 doesn't mean you have to commit.  I would say to see how you do in the application process and take it from there.  if you get enough $$ or in-state tuition that you won't have to take on significant loans, go for it!  I would recommend that your husband apply to different jobs near your schools, that way you make sure he can find a job where you decide to attend.

don't do a grad program to bring up your GPA -- most law schools will barely glance at your GGPA.  the main determinant in your likelihood of admission is your UGPA+LSAT combo.  you're just going to get more debt through the grad program (speaking from experience, even if you get tuition remission and a stipend).  my advice would be to bust your butt studying for the LSAT and take it October and apply for 2009.  If  you need to, you can always take it again in December.  If you do well on the LSAT (160+), then your 3.0 UGPA shouldn't hold you back too much.  If you're going into environmental law, then there's no point in aiming for a super-expensive t25 anyway.  Find a good all-around law school with a good environmental focus, and go to one that will either give you a substantial scholarship or in-state tuition.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: God doesn't like Lawyers
« on: May 27, 2008, 07:54:41 AM »
my dearest Alton, this thread was hijacked by some overly-serious champion of religions, and I think we are all feeling a little on the defensive as we try to right what was supposed to be a light-hearted discussion about an article.


Why are people writing so much? Seriously, I never read more than four or five sentences of a post. Get real dudes.

hear hear!  keep it concise, dudes.

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