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Denying it is a problem is sure to fix it though, right?

and I didn't deny that it's a problem when it occurs, but I don't think it's as wide-spread as you seem to believe.  if you had read my post, you would have seen that I think people like the one mentioned in your anecdote should be dealt with very harshly by the school (whether they have tenure or not).

I don't have a "fragile world" -- I know fanatics exist in every party, religion, school . . . .  I think the point is to continuously point out to them that their extremist views aren't the only ones.  I don't care if you bring up these instances of "liberal oppression" or whatever you think it is, as long as you acknowledge that there are also a lot of liberal professors and others in academia (media, politics) who try to encourage honest debate, tolerance, and understanding. 

not that I don't like diamonds, as long as they are sourced from responsible mines (try Canada). 

  Isn't Quebec waging a seccessionist campaign against Canada in order to take control over their blood diamonds?  Or did i just make that up?

actually, I think Canada's diamonds come from the far north.  Quebec's secessionist campaign embraces a far wider range of issues, as I understand it.

While I understand that conflict diamonds are faux pas, I think a lot of our resources are gained by less then honorable means.  Copper from African villages digging holes near rivers, food products from latin farmers making pennies on the dollar, clothing and fabric from indian and far eastern sweatshop labor, and most of walmarts inventory is clearly based on questionable labor practices in china.  Why should I care more about where my diamonds are coming from then any other luxury good i use on a day to day basis.

Im going to use my 600 to buy an american made flatscreen.  Arent I forward thinking? (Flagellates himself to pay for vanity and elitism)

I think the African diamond market takes things to a whole new level of inhumanity . . . .  but if I could afford to buy everything local and organic, I would.  a lot of this just goes to policy decisions, unfortunately, and so the American consumer has limited options.

Just so I understand you right, it's okay to cost the taxpayers of Illinois more money to make a point that war is bad and costs too much money?
[snip filler]

This is called "academic freedom," and it is the organizing principle of higher education. Anyone -- of any political persuasion -- who cannot accept that is not prepared to engage in scholarship.

True academic freedom would allow both sides to be heard... not the crap I and other students have had to put up with. I had one tenured professor announce on the first day that:

1. if you are a Republican, conservative, or think Marxism is an evil force get out of my class now
2. if you do not get out of my class now, I will find out that you are one of those things and will fail you.

then all his papers were ones like "who was a better president? Reagan or Carter?" and you said even one good thing about Reagan he'd give you at highest a D (learned that the hard way on the first paper)

I complained to the department and another more conservative member of the faculty and they were unable to do anything since he was tenured.

sadly, this is just one of the many things youd like to term as "academic freedom" that I have had to deal with in my academic career. I think academic freedom is an admirable goal but we are not experiencing it today by any stretch of the imagination.

don't take one bad apple and hold him/her up as the poster child of academia.  experiences like that are few and far between, and should be dealt with quickly and severely.

well, I signed up.  anything for a little extra dough.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: K-12: Public or Private School?
« on: May 28, 2008, 07:10:01 AM »
I put public b/c I went to public school for most of my my life, pre-college boarding school for grades 12 and 13.

There's a grade 13?!?!?!   :o

General Off-Topic Board / Re: K-12: Public or Private School?
« on: May 28, 2008, 07:09:15 AM »
I put other b/c I was Montessori public from K-3rd, Catholic from 4th-8th, and public (fights with hospitalization, lockdowns for drug searches with dogs, armed police in the hallways, and some of the best academics and extra-curriculars in the state) high school

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Ribeye
« on: May 28, 2008, 06:55:08 AM »
I always go for medium.

IMPOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!  Alton will eat his a perfect medium rare. 

not that I don't like diamonds, as long as they are sourced from responsible mines (try Canada). 

my philosophy is, the higher-quality the guy (and the more his woman appreciates him), the less expensive diamond (or other) engagement ring he needs to purchase.
the more supportive and understanding the woman, the less expensive ring she will demand. 
It's just important that everyone's on the same page.  A guy proposing to a girl with a rock as big as her hand is in a great relationship if she expects something that costs about the same as a downpayment on a house.
I know someone recently and all I could think about her ring was: a) REALLY gaudy, and b) what's he overcompensating for?
My husband designed a really unique engraved band, b/c we were too poor for a traditional engagement ring.  The Christmas after we got married, we bought a really nice aquamarine to mount on it.  After a while we would both like to get a nice diamond to replace the aquamarine, but I've been in school and he's been working freelance, so that's not really a priority.  I would have rather married him when I did than wait for him to be able to afford a diamond. 

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