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Law School Applications / Re: Best in state
« on: June 25, 2008, 09:12:11 PM »
1. UVA
2. W&M
3. W&L
4. GMU
5. Richmond
6. Regent
7. Appalachian
8. Liberty

I say try NeoOffice first. I've been using it for years for notes and papers. It has all the basics and it's Free.

Why no one should ever take anything on xoxo seriously...

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Transcript Disparities
« on: May 31, 2008, 03:45:41 AM »
I'll preface this by recognizing that no one here can do more than generalize (and may not be able to do that), but generalizing from the anecdotal would be a nice break from generalizing from the statistical.

I have a UGPA of 3.94 and program/degree and institutional GPAs of 4.0  By the time I graduate (likely in the fall), I expect to have a UGPA of around 3.97.  I'll be taking the LSAT in June.  I've gone ahead with a practice test (just the 96 administration provided by LSAC) and scored a 178.  In the past (ACT, SAT) my practice scores have trended a bit lower than my actual scores (more serious up against the wall and all that), but one never knows.  I expect I'll realistically fall anywhere between 170 and 180. 

I have two problems.  One, I'm attending a state school in the third or fourth tier.  I don't fault any law school admissions committee for knocking points off for this (having been here, I would knock off more than a few), but I do wonder how seriously it discredits my GPA.  Two, I attended a junior college off and on several years back (primarily to appease my parents while spending most of my time worrying about girls and how to pay for imported beer).  By the time I finish up, roughly a third of my hours will have come from this college, where I have, depending upon how they frame my transcript, which appears to have changed in the last year, a 3.78 (yes, at a junior college-there were a few girls and a lot of imported beer) or a 3.9.  I also failed a straight line one semester without having attended a single class (I've since retaken them all with As), which they obstinately (and correctly) refuse to expunge, and I have a few withdrawals here and there, none of them for academic reasons.  I tend to drop classes pretty regularly for boredom or whatever else, and occasionally I miss the deadline to do it cleanly.  This is not, however, especially relevant, and it looks pretty shoddy even to me.   

I intend to apply at Harvard, Chicago, Stanford and Columbia, along with UC Berkeley, UCLA, Texas, Georgetown and one or two fallback schools.  What I'm asking, I suppose, is how this looks to those who've been through the process.  I know a few former admissions people float around here, and I'd particularly like to hear from them, but any comment would be appreciated.

I'm just an 0L, however, according to the LSDAS website those F's will be counted into your GPA.  Pages 28-29.

Car Talk all the way

General Off-Topic Board / Re: WII vs PS3
« on: May 29, 2008, 12:35:44 AM »
I think an argument could be made for the PS3. Like with it's new price, it's a pretty good deal. Blu-Ray, Wifi, Free online and downloadable stuff can definitely make it suitable for a casual gamer. Also it's backwards compatibility is a plus. But it all depends on what the OP wants. If you just want gaming, then go with the Wii. But if you want a bit more, then I'd consider the PS3. Or you could just get both and have the best of both worlds.

lmfao.  *dead* @ the cutaway scene with the A hat and wig.

This is the remix:

A hot damn mess  :D

 :) This thread is good entertainment. Keep it going

« on: May 22, 2008, 05:59:51 PM »
What are your thoughts on these small schools? Any inside info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Don't go to Appalachian.

Acceptances / Re: Penn State vs. U of Richmond
« on: May 22, 2008, 05:17:04 PM »
If Richmond is giving you money, go to Richmond. Richmond has an Excellent reputation within the city and a generally good reputation within the surrounding states. If you do a search and look at McGuire Woods and Hunton and Williams (two V100 Firms) you will see that they are full of UR grads. And there are several smaller market paying firms within the area. Also,  many judges within the RVA area are UR grads. As far as quality of life, UR is in a MUCH better location than Penn State Law. I don't know a ton about Penn State Law, but I know that Richmond is a tier 2 that owns the Richmond market. Basically, if you want VA, go to Richmond.

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