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saw it.  thought it was lame.

Going to Philly for a day trip.  best to see some of the historical stuff now.  any ideas?

I got:

Elferth’s Alley –

Betsy Ross –

Valley Forge – it’s 18 miles northwest.  It’s where Washington camped.

Franklin Court – 316-322 Market Street

Am I missing anything?

I'm not a gambling fan, but, if I were, I would go into the nearest casino and put down all of my chips on "more law school applications."  I virtually guarantee that there will be more, and I mean a lot more.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Why the focus on the T14?
« on: July 27, 2008, 01:55:50 PM »
It's more about being a national school in the sense that national firms OCI at your school.  That's it.  UCLA, USC, Texas, and Vandy don't bring in Seattle/CA/NYC/DC/Texas firms like GULC.  It doesn't mean that BigLaw is a guarantee, or that these schools will get you a job, but you can count on finding a Miami firm at your OCI, regardless of the fact that your school is in Boston, Chicago, or NYC.

Yes, thank you for nailing all of my problems in one post.  I can't believe the extent of my boredom.  I dusted today!  Yes, dusted my kitchen!

Job Search / Re: Does anyone have any insight into these firms?
« on: July 27, 2008, 10:31:11 AM »
My boss's nephew currently works at Schulte Roth, and he's interested in transactional work.  They seem like transactional firm, and, as you probably realized if you looked at the Vault rankings, they're easier to break into.  I'm sure they have many talented attorneys, but, in strictly school terms, it looks like they're fond of recruiting from Not-Harvard schools, where I'm sure they find great people.

I met a Duke graduate at Allen & Overy, but I can't comment further.  She said good things about them, and I don't think she had any incentive to misguide me.

What did you do during your 1L summer?  What are your grades/school?  I would worry more about which firms might take you. 

I hate to sound like a jerk, Prodigy, but do you think it's possible that only HYS and Texas people are in Texas because they're the ones that apply?  Have you seen a hiring partner say, "Well, this resume is from a Columbia, or UVa, or Chicago graduate without Texas ties, so let's throw it out"?

I would imagine that I'm one of the few that has any interest in a state to which I have no ties.  It's not as if Texas is LA or NYC.

Eh.  I appreciate the Houston trolling, but I can't imagine living there.  I'm from one of the most conservative states in the Union, and even its reputation strikes me as too Bible Belt*.

*Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Just not my style.

Thanks, Prodigy.  Although I'm not a Mavericks fan, I can respect your love affair with Dirk.  I'm going to rely on my school's home market and my own, then, and send some cover letters to Austin without much hope.

Two more questions:

Should I send cover letters to NYC?  NALP brings up literally hundreds of firms.  I don't know how to sort through them without Vault rankings.

Also, does anyone know anything about the Atlanta market?  I have no connections there, either.

You might have a shot at Houston or possibly Dallas because there are so many more spots in those cities. I can guarantee with 99% certainty that you won't get a 1L or even a 2L summer job in Austin without some ties to Texas (preferrably Austin) unless you're at a T14, and even then your chances are extremely low unless you're at HYS. Austin is the most competitive market for SA spots in Texas, and they're really only interested in getting people that they are pretty sure are going  to try and work here full time.

I'll be at CCN.  I wouldn't have even bothered to create this thread if I wasn't at a "top" school.

Unfortunately, Austin was the market in which I was interested.  I have friends from my UG down at UT and they love it.  One of them is studying Arabic in their prestigious Middle Eastern Studies program.  Are there other culturally literate towns in Texas -- at least as cultural and thriving as Austin?

Should I book a Winter Break trip to Texas?  I hadn't thought of that option.  I'm mostly thinking out loud in these threads as I look at NALP data and think about 1L summer.

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