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You might want to find a copy of Law School Confidential.  There's a lengthy discussion, including an interview with the Dean of Admissions at Cornell, about the process and what they look for.  I imagine the process at most school's is pretty much in line with Cornell's.

Your last post sounds like the good start for the theme of your personal statement.  Remember, that's where you get to tell your story and convince them why they should give you one of the limited slots.  The rest of the file (LSAT, transcripts, etc.), hopefully, supports your story.

Check the application, but I would say you must include it on the application and have a transcript sent.  The last thing you want is for a school to find out you didn't provide full-disclosure.  I would also send it to LSAC, but I don't believe they include it in their calculated UGPA or in the school's statistics.

My guess is it helps alot if your UGPA is lower, and I'd highlight it in your PS and say why it's more indicitive of your current abilities than your UGPA (that's what I did.....It gives them a reason to accept you despite the lower UGPA.)  It's probably a wash if both are around the same.  If it is lower than your UGPA, I'd address that in your personal statement.

You could always call the admin dept and get their take as well.

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