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Choosing the Right Law School / U Oregon vs Willamette
« on: May 26, 2008, 10:48:41 PM »
Im in at Willamette, but U Oregon sent me a email asking if I would still like to attend. The difference in tuition is fairly sizable: Willamette with my scholarship would be ~$12,000/year, UO would be ~$25,000 without a scholarship.
Midrange Salary Info from USNWR:
Willamette - $43,200 to $60,000
UO - $48,000 to $89,000
Of course if I lost my scholarship, Willamette would be more expensive than UO; the scholarship is contingent on me maintaining a 2.9gpa which I have recieved varying answers as to what class rank would equate: from top 50% to top 33%.

I knew when I applied that I would not be offered a scholarship at UO, but I was not expecting 16k at Willamette.

Any movement from tier 3 to tier 4 or vice versa? I'm curious.

Let me preface by saying that, I really would like to live in the Pacific Northwest. Or at least I think I do... I have never visited, just researched.

Should I not be accepted from my waitlists, my choice falls between Texas Tech and Willamette. I am somewhat torn at the moment.

From reading LSD, I have not found many favorable opinions of Willamette... from it's curve to Salem's shortcomings. It's also my understanding that many of the 2L and 3L's commute from south Portland because of Salem's lack of things to do?

If I went to Tech, I would probably get paid more and get hired sooner/better shot at passing the bar. However, I would have a hard time relocating to the PNW; because Tech has little to no reach outside of Texas. I know I could potentially get experience here in Texas then try and move later, but that would be difficult because of my lack of connections to the PNW.

Willamette would also be a little cheaper (3grand/year) than Tech, as long as I can hold the scholarship.

Lubbock, TX is the flattest place on earth and also one of the most conservative cities in the nation. I had to drive 4 miles just to recycle. No bike lanes. Going to a bigger city meant driving 5 hours to Dallas. Anything outdoor related is at least 2 hours away(most are 5+ hours away). Few trees. I've all ready spent 4.5 years there.

Right now I have very few connections to Texas, and I am afraid that if I don't leave now I won't be able too in the future because of wife/gf/job/etc ties to the area.

Sorry for rambling. Opinions?

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