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Happy birthday! 


General Off-Topic Board / Re: Illegal Alien College Students....
« on: February 25, 2008, 10:30:09 AM »
Cougar, what would you propose we do with these students who grew up in the United States for most of their lives and who later find out they're not citizens?  Should we just ship them back to their country of citizenship without regard for their experiences and self-identification as American? 

While I do think that our immigration system is tragically broken and in need of reform, I don't believe the right answer is to throw people out (especially like those students who were profiled in the article).  I'm sure giving those students a path to citizenship (where they could then become productive members to assist in California's economy) would be far more reasonable then tossing them into a country and culture they are not necessarily familiar with.

1. Harvard>Stanford>Yale

I'd take Harvard over Stanford just for the name and opportunities that Harvard affords.  Plus, I love the East Coast and Boston is such a great city for cultural experiences and historical monuments.  Stanford over Yale because I grew up in the Bay Area and love it there.  I'm just not attracted to Connecticut.

2. NYU=Columbia>Chicago

It's honestly a toss-up for me between either school.  From what I know, I like both equally.  I like the area that both are in and I especially love NYC in general.  I'm not familiar with the city of Chicago (nor the school), but having spent several years on the quarter system, I'm not a fan.  Plus, not sure if the conservative reputation is true, but that would drive me a bit insane.

3. Penn>Michigan>Berkeley>Virginia

I really like Penn's reputation.  A friend goes there and she has painted a great picture :)  Michigan because they have a dual degree program I'm interested in.  Berkeley over UVA just because I'm not a fan of living in the South (although, to be fair, I'm not a fan of living in Berkeley either).

4. Georgetown>Northwestern>Cornell>Duke

These are almost virtually indistinguishable to me, so I ranked them in the order of ones I like best :)


My first thought was that those who whine about "unqualified" AA admits taking up all the spots for those (supposed) qualified white applicants should be silenced by this article.

I guess not.

Thank you all so much for your awesome (and FAST!) feedback!  I guess I just needed to hear it from people who've been there, done that.  I've been bummed out about my chances and feeling discouraged about my UGPA.  I've been doing some LSAT studying before my prep class starts (kinda like how people will pre-clean their house before the maid comes) and I'm generally a pretty good standardized test taker, so I'm hoping everything combined will help me reach my goals.

I really want to go to school in NYC -- either Columbia or NYU (or Fordham as a back-up to those two).  Do those schools tend to look more at soft factors, or are they more geared towards the cold, hard numbers (ala Stanford and Yale)? 

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