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LOL@the new comic. Love.

I was going to do a law fair when I'm visiting home in a couple of weeks, but I saw the list of employers and there is almost NO FIRM that I was hoping to see. There's just one, but I'm not making a special 5 hour drive just for one firm. Meh. I guess I'll just have to bid wisely and hope that a lot of people from my area aren't planning on bidding on it so I can get lots and lots of my choices :)

But honestly, whoever thought of this system of bidding should be junkpunched.

"this pizza is made of win!"

I just threw up in my mouth a little.  That's really how they talk??

Yes.  It's cute when you're posting on message boards and you say things like "FTW!" but really not so cute when you are literally saying that during dinner with friends.  She has actually referred to Georgetown as "GeorgeTTTtown" in a sentence that she said out loud.  I blame TLS for stealing my friend's brain!

This is the worst thing I have read in my entire life. I mean, I admit I have done it (totally sarcastically/ironically) when referring to a (non-law) school, but my God. Seriously, folks?! That's outrageous.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Good West Coast schools?
« on: July 18, 2010, 08:01:46 PM »
Recommendations depend on your GPA + LSAT score. If you have a 150-something, recommending Berkeley won't be that helpful. On the other hand, if you have a 170+, it's doubtful that you'd apply to schools like Santa Clara.

Otherwise, my list would be as follows:

1. Berkeley/Stanford
4. UC Hastings
5. USC
6. UC Davis
7. USF/Santa Clara

There aren't any other California schools that will get you SF absent some kind of miraculous performance and connections or something.

Nah, in true Exiler fashion, I subtly sneer at her, and then talk *&^% in my group of friends ;)

Hah, I'm not bidding on any of those firms. Maybe my bids will go further? Pshhh.

Also, TLS megaposters are, by and large, the worst f-ing people on the planet...although I do know one (former) MP and he's semi-legit IRL. There's one girl who used to be all over TLS 2 cycles ago (now c/o 2011) who I work with and another coworker outed her to me. I've been judging her ever since.

Good job on finishing up! I cannot figure out the order of my bid list and I'm a complete disaster with this. Sick of thinking about bidding already.

OMG PJC, CONGRATS!!! I had no idea you had retaken and done so well and reapplied. So, so excited for you, my dear. You're going to be fabulous!

the world is so small!

Really? I thought from your perspective everything was unbearably huge...

creepy...facebook told me that a few of my friends were tagged in an album.  And guess who else was tagged in that album...Lucas Humble  :o

FB recently told me that one of my friends and VB were tagged in the same album. They share a mutual friend. Similar weirdness.

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