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Law School Admissions / Re: 173 LSAT, question with my GPA
« on: July 28, 2010, 05:23:25 PM »
I disagree though it depends a lot on quality of college.  OP's overall gpa of 3.5 is solid and gpa of 3.98 since screwing up is stellar.  H takes a few people like OP every year and S less so and Y even less so.  Only chance at Y is if college is good with good softs.

No, not really. A 3.5 is not solid when it comes to law schools. In life, yes. Law schools, especially the ones discussed? No. Quality of school comes in when you're talking about HYP. The 3.98 is great, but unfortunately that's not the GPA that schools use or report to USNWR or elsewhere. The GPA is especially not "good" ITE when spots at law schools are even more competitive because of the glut of people applying. HYS might take a couple of people (a handful, at maximum) who have similar scores to the OP, but nothing in his first post suggests that he's in a position to stand out like those individuals are. Plus, see the following:

Granted, I recognize that is not all the applicants, but it's probably a representative sample. Also, look at which has a 3.5/173 as a DENY at HY and a Weak Consider at S. Absent some sort of stellar *something* in the OP's background, he has a better shot taking the $87 to Vegas than getting into, minimally, HY.

Law School Admissions / Re: 173 LSAT, question with my GPA
« on: July 28, 2010, 03:04:41 PM »
I'm sorry, I really hate to be a dream crusher, but I'd wager to say you have absolutely no shot at HYS with your LSAC GPA. Your best bet will be to try for MVP on down, with special attention to the schools who seem to care more about the whole applicant (Michigan) or value work experience (Northwestern) or like high LSAT scores (Georgetown).

IrrX, you're moving?! I must have missed this bit of info.

Also, I've decided I really don't have the strength to give real info on LSD anymore.

Will definitely do the forum thing even if I have to go back to NYC.

Good note, Jamie.  I think I need to get off the fence of being both PA and So Cal, and need to commit to So Cal.  Definitely understand it's hard to predict without a hard LSAT score, but I've taken enough timed tests by now (twenty or so) and was modest enough in my score that I'd wager very highly I score within a few points of a 167.  

The problem seems to be that in So Cal there are either very easy to get into schools with my scores or others where I'd be anywhere from 25th to 50th percentile.

You can't really say that definitively. I've read enough stories of people on here who practiced in the low 170s and then scored mid-160s on test day. I personally know someone who consistently tested in the high 170s on the exam (no BS, as I actually took timed tests with him and saw the scores) and scored a 168 on the actual exam. Undoubtedly still a good score, but hugely different. I'd say that the difference between a 165 and 172 is even greater than his difference of going from 176 to 168 in terms of the types of schools to which you could be admitted.

In terms of Southern California schools, I recognize that's a problem in the area. You could also apply to schools in Northern California. UC Irvine is probably a good match based on scores. Although it's a new law school, the school itself has name recognition in Southern California because of the rest of the university. I understand what blueskies is saying in terms of waiting until you see where you get in before you pick, but if you want to do entertainment law, just know that Pitt won't get you there. Full stop. There is not entertainment work in PA. So yeah, I suppose you could apply there. But if you are solidly committed to entertainment work, it would be a waste of your time and energy (and money)!

Oh, I also forgot to mention that you told us your major GPA, but not your LSAC GPA. The former is not really important. The latter is crucial. The way it's calculated could either be hugely helpful or detrimental to your chances. If you haven't calculated that yet, I'd suggest you Google LSAC GPA Calculator to figure out what yours would be.

Hard to say without a real LSAT score. As I'm sure yo know, there's a world of difference between 165 and 170.

If you score on the high side of the range, then I'd eliminate Chapman, Pepperdine, Southwestern, Western State, and Whittier.

I don't understand why you have Pitt on the list but seemingly want to be in Southern California. If you want to end up in the LA area, Pitt is a waste of time. Conversely, if you want to end up in PA, all those California schools would be a waste of time.

"Great IP program" means nothing. Go to a T14 or go to a well-respected school in the region where you want to practice. And ITE, minimize your debt as much as possible.

Pretty sad. The info on LSD was always legit, and this site was 180 during my application process. TLS sucks.

Well yeah, and the info was provided by people who were a year (or two) ahead. Once those people disappear -- as they did last cycle -- then it ceases to be a helpful place.

Yeah, I know my employer drastically cut down on the number of SAs and thus far, they have extended offers to everyone at my office (that I know of) and said they intended to offer everyone. I have no reason to doubt that's actually true. But still. Scary!

ATL and xoxo are required reading for creating bid lists, IMO.

Most of them have no idea what they are talking about.  I really wish Xo was less flame nowadays, the older stuff about firms and such is actually great.

Truth. I read xo and have found out some good information about firms that I might otherwise not know. I could do without the N word in almost every thread nowadays.  :-\ Oh, and not gonna lie, but that Estrada kid scares the *&^% out of me. 2L no offer --> hope and a prayer job with the gov't. I'd panic and die long before.

Well, it looks like you have about a million posts on it, and about a billions views, so VICTORY!!!(I guess)  :)

Everything is a competition.

The amount of misinformation on TLS is astounding.

You look at TLS for information? Probably the worst move you could make, friend.

On the plus side, if you get there early you can probably snag a Cruller.

I like you.

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