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Finished my summer job at the end of July and I start school on September 1. I'm actually kind of excited!


e-discovery and facebook, interesting, I'm intrigued about what type of a case (other than a serious criminal one) would have lawyers going to the effort of subpoenaing stuff from and demanding stuff from FB.  e-discovery and investigations are very complicated and expensive to conduct.  It would have to be one hell of a nasty/messy divorce with lots of assets at stake for it to be a relationship based case rather than a biz related case.

Could be a labor & employment case, a denial of benefits case, etc. Not necessarily that a client would need for the firm to subpoena Facebook for records, but more so that it's the first place that attorneys go for dirt on an opponent. A California court recently decided that Facebook private messages are the same as email messages under the Stored Communications Act so Facebook wouldn't have to turn over the messages. But, a party could still make a direct request for the messages during discovery and the court could order the other party to comply and the SCA wouldn't apply.


Interesting news story about Facebook and philanderers getting caught because of it: 
Facebook Betrayal?   Wife Discovers Husband's Second Wedding Online

The story blows me away.  I mean common, dude gets married secretly while already married and they post wedding pics on facebook and 1st wife see's them (probably cuz of a mutual FB friend and she finds them while waiting for hubby to come home from a 'business trip') and she takes him back.  I can't decide who is the bigger idiot in that situation.

I did some work on e-discovery and Facebook this summer. It's shocking how much people expose of their lives on Facebook, thinking it won't come back to them. At minimum, everyone needs to strengthen their privacy settings.

I just went and read that story and 1) the guy is a complete twatwaffle. I can't believe she would take him back and that he used reconciliation as a way of taking the kids; and 2) this chick's self-esteem is basement level. How dumb can you be to take someone like him back?

Hello all! I'm on my way to dc for an interview! :D

Remember the time I was in DC A WEEK AGO and you couldn't make it work to be there then?

Yeah, me too  :-\ :'(

Congrats on finishing, IrrX!

PS- my friend was supposed to start at her firm in January.  Yesterday they called to tell her she was starting in October.  I thought some people might enjoy that bit of happy legal market news :)

Ooh, that's great news!!

More good news: for those who didn't see the AmLaw Daily yesterday, a bunch of big firms are increasing the sizes of their summer classes next year. Oh, and on ATL, they mentioned several firms that have made 100% offers. I am at a firm that made 100% offers as well. Rejoice! Party like it's 2006 ;)

Law School Admissions / Re: 173 LSAT, question with my GPA
« on: July 29, 2010, 09:25:12 AM »
CCN: Columbia, Chicago, NYU
CLS: Columbia Law School
MVP: Michigan, Virginia, Penn
URM: Under-represented minority

The first thing that is wrong is that you picked stats for the toughest admissions season in the last several decades.  The second thing that is wrong is that you are severely discounting OP's three stellar years and one bad year.  The third ting that is wrong is that you and others are severly discounting the strength of applicant's college and your distorted concept that only HYP get a boost.  OP does have a legit but not good shot at HYS if OP goes to a respectable school.  Even taking the HYS discussion off the table you are still undeniably wrong about the chances of the hypothetical student getting into CCN.  In no place have I gone off table since the original post was also about chances at a top 10 where you replied OP should be targeting MVP rather than schools ranked above....WRONG
I won't count on any 0L, current student, or lawyer to concede their point so I suppose this exercise is pointless.

You do understand the difference between a target and a reach, don't you? I didn't say that the OP shouldn't apply to schools ranked above MVP, I simply said that MVP was the target range. By all means, the OP should apply to higher ranked schools. If I was the OP, I'd personally only apply to CCN as my reaches, MVP as my targets, and the rest of the T-14 as my safety range.

Your posts are white noise. Since you've made it clear that you're guessing and haven't actually been through the process, then trying to talk sense to you is like beating one's head into a brick wall. I'd prefer to do other things.

Law School Admissions / Re: 173 LSAT, question with my GPA
« on: July 29, 2010, 07:32:38 AM »
If you really go to HYS then I am amazed.

Where do you go to law school, genius? From reading your prior posts, it looks like you're still tackling the LSAT.

Hypothetical student has a very good shot at all of CCN.  There is no debating that.

You are moving the target here. Your original point was that the OP had a legit shot at HYS (and you were wrong). I just decided to look up the LSN data now to prove my point re: CCN and, unsurprisingly, it basically backs up what I said above (which is to say that the OP has a better chance at NYU than CC and that those schools will also be tough):

In short, please DIACF.

Law School Admissions / Re: 173 LSAT, question with my GPA
« on: July 29, 2010, 07:19:04 AM »
Where did you go to law school and what were your numbers?  I don't want to go through all your posts to find them.  I'm not taking it personally at all. I just think you are wrong and have a very negative view that does not reflect reality.

Let me ask you one question that should clear it all up for everyone.

How good of a chance at CCN do you think of the following hypothetical person?

Columbia undergrad/3.5 with 3.9 sophomore through senior years/173 LSAT/some work experience? 

Keep in mind I stated from the beginning that undergraduate school will matter a lot and we don't know which school OP went to.

I go to one of HYS and I have a higher ed background.

In terms of the above hypothetical person's chances at CCN, I think they'd have a better shot at NYU than Columbia or Chicago (and NYU with possibly $25K/year of Dean's Scholarship). My guess would be a hold at Chicago and Columbia at the outset barring some additional information (URM? Any significant awards?).

Law School Admissions / Re: 173 LSAT, question with my GPA
« on: July 28, 2010, 08:18:24 PM »
I don't know your background but you are still being too harsh.  You are the type of person I hope never ends up on an admissions board.  3.5 from a quality school and a 173 LSAT already gives a great but not automatic shot at CCN.  It is amusing that you equate quality school with HYP.  A 3.5 from any of the Ivy League schools and other comparable schools and a 173 LSAT makes a very good numbers app.  Adding the fact that the OP only ruined one year and has a 3.98 the rest of the years makes his chances at HLS much greater if quality of college is decent to good.

You are right that there is not anything exceptional in OP's soft factors that he wrote in the original post, so Y is out and chances are slim at S.  OP still has reasonable shot at H and should apply thinking he has a legitimate shot.

A great shot at CCN? No. A shot? Yes. CCN is most likely a reach. Again, absent a story, those ones will be hard.

You seem to be taking this very personally for some reason. I personally don't care if the OP chooses to apply to every T-14 school. But it's best to be realistic about the situation and I don't believe it's helpful for applicants to fluff them up and have them think that they've got better chances at schools than they do. I personally don't think that HYP are the only quality schools, but those are the schools that get the boost.

In any event, I'm not going to sit and list my resume, but there's a reason why I said what I did in this thread. OP can either choose to listen to someone who has been through the process, or listen to a 0L. Up to him.

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