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having been out for 15 years or so I agree with burgh.  you can stay an engineer, work your 40 hours and make $70K - for the rest of your life in some places.  as a former manager, 50-60 was the norm and 'leaving early' was after 8-9 hours.  the higher you go, the more money, but the more you are on call, sometimes around the clock.  the guy next door to me makes a good buck as a computer geek, but he was paged at 9:30pm on Sunday July 3rd while we were blowing off fireworks in the street.  he had to go into work right then - it's all a trade-off and somewhere along the line you won't be willing to trade.

gosh I missed the chambers post before it was deleted - and yes, intuition you are correct in #2 and #3, but I am an arrogant...

you starting school next month? I stayed with the USPTO

Yes, I still have that temporary insanity thing going that makes me want to go to law school and give up coming home, sitting in the Barcalounger and letting the cable TV wash over me.

geez, Burgh, Gabeo, me - all the engineering geeks are coming out.

I still come back to large scale medical tort law.  Nothing like a good class action against a drug company!

I see what you're saying.  If in doubt include something I guess.  But even in a minute you know what they are looking at:  your LSAT, GPA, undergrad institution and major.  If they say different they are full of it. 

I think in the minute they look at:

2. GPA
3. URM?
4. maybe major/undergrad...


Been a little while since we crossed paths.  You sure the order isn't:

1.  Relatives who have donated large sums
2.  URM
3.  LSAT
4.  GPA

Are you confused with this question or are you testing the readers?

Obviously, the student is an idiot...

answers like this can discourage people from posting questions. 

Well my last 1730 posts haven't seemed to cause it to abate.  Would this be a necessary or sufficient condition?

Are you confused with this question or are you testing the readers?

Obviously, the student is an idiot...

I think you need to worry about doing well on the LSAT and not how to justify the GPA from your engineering degree.  My ugpa was only 2.41 in ME, but the 172 white-washed it without a problem.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Got my 1L Schedule
« on: July 13, 2005, 10:21:36 AM »
M - 5:30-7:30 LARC (Legal Analysis, Research, Communication)
T - 6-8 Torts
W - 5:30-7:30 Civli Procedure
Th - 5:30-7:30 Torts
F - 5:30-7:30 Civil

M-F - Work 7 - 3:30

M-F - Sleep ?????


Get the wife involved now with the whole LS process.  It will help her understand what she is buying into.  Take her with to the open house.  Talk with your kids also (how old are they?)  They need to understand Dad won't be around as much and they may not want to buy into it either.  Mom has to understand that most of the parenting will fall on her.  You do not have much time before the October LSAT to study, you may want to consider the December one or even push it into 2006.  It is too late to make the 2005 school year and most schools only start in the fall so this means august 2006.  You will be 41 and not graduate until 2010 at 45 years old.  Yeah you might have 30 years left as a lawyer, but is this what you want to do or do you just want a different job?  Remember you'll have anywhere from $50-$100k fo debt in addition to possible college tuition for the kids (don't know ages).  Have you looked into consulting or your own business?  Be sure law is what you want before you make a 4 year very expensive choice.

Other Questions:

What school are you considering? 
ABA approved? 
Will work support even if it is not career related?


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