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Look here for an estimation of what schools will accept you based on gpa and LSAT:

This will give you an idea of possible schools in the Boston area.  Some may even take the higher LSAT, most probably average.  This may make the difference if you try and flop in October and come back strong in December.

More importantly, ask yourself why you want to go to law school.  If it's for the big money, it'll be a little while longer coming out of a T4.  Hopefully it's a better answer than you've got nothing better to do and you can't find a job using your undergrad degree.  I know that may sound mean, but think about it before you blow money on Kaplan or worse yet bail midway through 1L.

I'm still pessimistic.  A 160 on an untimed test does note bode well for a 163 on the actual.  Impossible, no - that's why I suggested taking a couple more timed tests, maybe the 149 was first time jitters.

Again, you'll find some T4 probably even a T3 and with a high UGPA a T2 that'll accept you.  But unless you hit 170+, you'll never get into SW Indiana State with dsong... ;)

Late post: No December (actually January by the time you get scores back) isn't a killer, but with rolling admission, it just means less open seats and more competition.  Thus you'll need a better application than you might have needed in October / November.

Question back to dylan:  What was your pacing like on the blind test -  Did you get through all the questions or was time the killer?

Dude, a lot of people score in the 150 range initially and again and again.  That's why it's the average.  If it was that easy to bring it up, then 165 would be average and not 90th percentile.  I still think it'll be almost impossible to score another 20 questions consistently in 8 weeks.  If he hits low in October and smokes it in December he's screwed if the school averages the scores.  The other route is to get WE for a year or so and take the LSAT next year and shoot for admission in '06. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think you're SOL for October.  Look at the numbers of what you want.  An increase of 149-163 takes you from around the 40% range to almost the 90% range.  You would have to get roughly another 20 questions right which is almost a 50% increase.  OK, maybe the 149 was a fluke - try taking a couple previous exams under timed conditions.  If you still hit around 150 then you should back off the October test and prep for December.  But, IMHO, unless you have a phenom UGPA, you'll have to hit pretty high on the LSAT to still have a chance to get in that late in the application cycle.  Of course there's always some 4th tier willing to take your money, but do you realy want to do that?

General Off-Topic Board / Re: The Best Movie Quotes
« on: August 03, 2004, 06:33:57 PM »
Your best. Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and @#!* the prom queen.

Full time,

After reading several of your posts, I've come to the conclusion that you are stressing way too much.  Here's my .02 for what it's worth:

1) You're background blows away 'traditional students' - come on - PhD in Chem, patents, papers, etc. and you're worried???

2) I think you're nuts for thinking about the patent bar right now.  Personally, I think you should focus on the October LSAT.

3)  By all means you should mention your advanced degree in your personal statement, along with patents, papers, etc.  My opinion is the PS is your 3 minutes to convince the Admin Office that you belong in LS, that you can handle the load, that you will bring diversity to the student body, yada yada yada.  Show you're a leader in your current field to convince them you'll be a leader in law.

4) Three LSAT tests ain't squat - don't judge your score just yet.  You've got plenty of time before October.  Since I'm so full of it (advice that is) here's more:

     A) Buy more real LSAT from LSAC - get the more recent ones as they will trend more towards what you'll see in Oct.  IMHO, you should only look at real questions.

     B) Work as many sections as you can timed - if you can't spend 2 hours every night, try to work a section a night - that's 35-45 mintues.  String a couple together on the weekend.

     C) If it makes you feel better, enroll in a course - personally I didn't - but a lot of people do benefit from them.  Also, check out a couple books from the library or splurge and actually buy one from Amazon - read the reviews first and you'll get a good idea which one will be for you.

     D) Did I mention taking as many tests as you can?  Work a couple untimed, you should be able to hit pretty high w/o a problem.  Then start timing and get yourself used to the pace, time is the killer, not the question difficulty.

     E) Practice, practice, practice, then take time off and ignore anything to do with the LSAT.  Come back after a few days and hit it again.

     F) Practice with the TV on, the kids around, the dogs barking, phone ringing, etc.  Come test day you'll be able to concentrate without a problem.

I think you're just out of practice and need to get used to the critical thinking under time pressure.  I mean you're not an idoit who scrapped by with a BS in Basketweaving, so you know you're smart enough to pull a decent LSAT - have a beer man and unwind a bit.

Again, put the Patent Bar on hold if you can - it's too much.  A good LSAT will do more for you law school admission than the PB.

Good Luck,


I see no reviews on amazon for it.

Barnes and Nobles ships it "usually" with 3-5 weeks.
Amazon within 1-3 weeks.

No bookstore i contacted has a copy.

I'd much rather pay $20 for these 10 tests then $8 a pop...

Anyone been able to order it?


Sell you my copy - it showed up in the mail the day I got home from the June LSAT.  I originally ordered it April.  Still unopened in the envelope, haven't returned it yet.


Bit off topic but I was wondering if anyone ran into this problem.

I practiced for a long time before I took an LSAT - first test 166, then a 171, a 173 and then BAM last night down to a 164

This really concerns me.  I could tell at the beginning of the test that I just did not have it, but was wondering if this had happened to anyone else.

It really freaks me out, depending on how I am feeling could swing the score bigtime.

When you take the real test did you find yourself more in tune than ever before? 


I wouldn't worry.  I practiced tested around 165-170, choked on one test - something like 159 / 160 if I remember.  Put everything away for two weeks and then came back to it three weeks before the test and hit it again.  I ended up with a 172 and thought I was much more focused during the real thing than I ever came close to during practice.


Studying for the LSAT / Re: Rank difficulty of 3 sections for you
« on: July 29, 2004, 10:10:39 AM »
For the June LSAT:

Hardest - Easiest

LR - Exp RC - RC - LG

The LG for the June LSAT was easier than the 20+ previous ones I practiced.


Studying for the LSAT / Re: What does your LSAT studying entail?
« on: July 26, 2004, 10:15:16 AM »

My LSAT sessions ran in 45-60 minute blocks during the week and 1.5 to 2 hours + on weekends.  Most of it consisted of practice exams (past LSATs) under timed conditions.  Then I reviewed the wrong answers and tried to understand the resoning behind the correct answer.  During the week I'd hit one section at a time and the string 2-3 together on the weekend.  For variety, I worked through LSAT 180 from Kaplan.  I also studied at home with the TV, kids, dogs, etc.  This forced me to concentrate much harder and I was surprised during the June test how easy it was to stay focused.  I also worked through a couple essay sections just to get a feel for the time constraint.  I started 3+ months out, took 2 weeks off in May and then came back for a final push in late May early June.  Time is the killer, try to pace yourself for a 30 minute limit per section, you will like that extra 5 during the exam.


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